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Contacts for cases of discrimination

With the aim of general equal treatment, THWS is committed eliminate discrimination in any form. It is our aim to prevent or to stop discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation (see Section 1 General Act on Equal Treatment, AGG).

Therefore, we want to provide our staff and students with contact points they can turn to in order to get advice and support. In any case, however, you can always write an e-mail to antidiskriminierung[at] if you are not sure whom to approach.

Discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation or sexual harassment

THWS Women's Affairs Officer

All members of a faculty should contact their faculty's women's affairs officer or the women's affairs officer of THWS and her assistant:


Phone 0931 3511-6095
E-Mail frauenbeauftragte[at]

THWS Equal Opportunities Officer

The equal opportunities officer promotes and monitors the enforcement of the General Act on Equal Treatment. Within higher education institutions this act is applied to (male and female) staff supporting science, so-called non-scientific staff.


Phone 0931 3511-6097 
E-Mail gleichstellungsbeauftragte[at]

Discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, religion or belief

International Office

Students faced with discrimination on these grounds can contact the International Office:


Aylin Chaban
Phone 0931 3511-8569
E-Mail aylin.chaban[at]

Staff Council

Non-scientific as well as scientific staff can always approch their local staff council:


Würzburg: Members and contact info in the Intranet or
E-Mail oepr-wue[at]

Schweinfurt: Members and contact info in the Intranet or
E-Mail oepr-sw[at]

Discrimination on the grounds of disability

Officer for disabled students

Disadvantages or discriminations in everyday life at our University can be reported easily and, as an option, anonymously via the contact form on the officer's webpage. The information is treated confidentially and processed, if necessary, in consultation with the person concerned.


Prof. Dr. Achim Förster
Phone 0931 3511-6096
E-Mail studierenmitbehinderung[at]

Representative of Severely Disabled Staff

Staff experiencing disadvantages or discrimination may contact the representative of severly disabled staff:


Doris Emmerling
Phone +49 931 3511-8241
E-Mail doris.emmerling[at]

Other cases of disadvantage or discrimination

If you are not sure whom to address or your experience of being disadvantaged or discriminated against does not fit into one of the categories above, please contact the chancellor of Technical University of Applied Sciences (THWS):


Chancellor Stefan Hartmann
Phone 0931 3511-6050
E-Mail antidiskriminierung[at]