Vision, mission & values

What distinguishes us, is the organizational affiliation with a state university that has a high practical relevance as well as the interdisciplinarity and service orientation of our employees.

We see our central task in providing a solid foreign language education, intended to compaign adult learners at their studies or at their professional life in an international context.

We take a practically oriented approach and offer a wide range of courses, thus targeting a broad audience.

We develop innovative teaching concepts and through our close affiliation with the university can ensure high quality in studies, further education and teaching. This results in excellent career opportunities for our graduates.

Portrait of Mrs Eva Scholtyssek, Language Coorditation

»What matters most when it comes to language learning? - For us, it's the learner. We aim at providing an interactive teaching and learning environment both in the physical classroom and online, cooperate with experienced teachers and support our course participants throughout their learning process. I consider myself a language enthusiast and - I love my job.«

Eva Scholtyssek
, Coordinator Campus for Language Proficiency

On the following pages, get to know our team, take a look at our locations and read what our participants say about the language courses.

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