Women's affairs officer

Equal opportunity is an important prerequisite for best study and work conditions in all areas of our University. The THWS Women's Affairs Officers, therefore, are committed to the promotion of women and the elimination of disadvantages for female students and members of the teaching staff.

The task are assigned to different women's affairs officers which are, additionally, members of the State Conference and the Federal Conference of Women's Affairs Officers (Landes- und Bundeskonferenz der Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragten; Lakof/Bukof).

To support girls and women in studying at THWS and taking up a technical profession, there is an offer for students, students at secondary schools, and scientists. A women's affairs officer also offers help in emergency situations, for example in cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, or she offers help with mental health problems, but also with financial difficulties. Additionally, Women's Affairs Officers support students with children.

"Socially, there has never been a better starting position
to push through equal opportunity.
There have never been better means of communication.
There have never been more self-confident women.
Only the push is missing.
Now it's up to us!"

Susanne Weingarten, Marianne Wellershoff: Die widerspenstigen Töchter - für eine neue Frauenbewegung; translation by Maria Grünewald.