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Students in park (c) Jonas Kron

Student at machine (c) Stefan Bausewein

Students working in a group (c) Jonas Kron

Junior researchers

With an increase in research activities, THWS is continuously strengthening the foundation for successful, cooperative doctorates. Currently, there are more than 70 ongoing doctorates at THWS in cooperation with universities in Germany and abroad. Many of the supervising professors and doctoral candidates are members of one of the seven graduate programmes in which THWS participates.

Information on cooperative doctorates for those interested.

As a member in seven graduate programmes, THWS offers excellent conditions for successful cooperative doctorates.

Advice and information for prospective doctoral students and doctoral candidates.

THWS Doctorate Coordinator

ProPereTHWS Project

The website is designed by the sub-project "Promotion of junior researchers" of the university-wide project “ProPereTHWS – Professorial Personnel recruitment and development at THWS”. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, we are currently developing offers for various target groups on the scientific career ladder.