FHWS building at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg Würzburg

Students in park (c) Jonas Kron

Student at machine (c) Stefan Bausewein

Students working in a group (c) Jonas Kron

Organisation of work

The Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt offers employees a high degree of flexibility regarding the temporal and spatial organisation of their work.

Flexible working hours

  • Overtime can be compensated within the framework of flexitime regulations.
  • Employees may take leave of absence to care for children or sick relatives.
  • A reduction in working hours to part-time employment is possible.

Detailed agreements and regulations are laid down in the staff agreement on working hours (Dienstvereinbarung über die Arbeitszeit).

Remote work

THWS offers employees the opportunity to work remotely in their home office. The specific regulations were laid down in the staff agreement. Generally, there are two home office models:

  1. Up to 60 percent of the (individual) regular work time can be completed remotely.
  2. Each calendar year, up to 24 flexi-days can be requested individually.

Remote work always follows the principle of voluntary action, a claim to this is not possible.