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Routeing and navigation, location-based services on smartphones, virtual & online city tours, digital hiking maps on mobile devices – Today, geographic information is available in various applications, in any place, at any time as “everyday helper”. The success of such applications is dependent on the professional collection, modelling and presentation of the underlying geographic data. Graduates of Geovisualisation implement geovisualisation models for various applications and tap new areas of application.
The degree programme is defined by its application-oriented teaching. The focus of the programme lies on the topic-dependent and target group-oriented visualisation and presentation of geographic information information. To complement the programme, methods of data collection, management, and the analysis of spatial facts and circumstances are taught. This bundles the entire range of processing steps for geographic data into one degree programme.

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Prof. Dr. Jan Wilkening
Room D.0.01e
Röntgenring 8
97070 Würzburg

Phone +49 931 3511-8229
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