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Focus areas of research

The three focus areas of research (Energy technology and energy efficiency”, People and Mobility” and Digital and intelligent systems”) at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt aim to summarise and represent the qualities at our institution in particular.

The main areas of research at take all technical, economic, social and aesthetic areas into account.

Research focus “Energy technology and energy efficiency”

For this research focus, application-oriented research, development and investigation of technical systems for energy technology and increasing energy efficiency are paramount.

Matters of research include the generation of renewable energy, energy transmission and conversion, and the use of energy. The subject areas architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, plastics engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics, and physics combine the focus topics of calculation, simulation, and construction of these systems in cross-faculty co-operations.

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Head of the IEHT

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus H. Zink
Room FE 2.2.05
Phone +49 9721 940-8498


Link to the IEHT - Institute for Power Engineering and High Voltage Technology

Link to the TTZ-EMO – Technology Transfer Centre for E-Mobility

Research focus People and Mobility”

The second focus lies on the “Mobility” research cluster, which is considered in an interdisciplinary and diversified way - from the closer, physical context to an abstract view.

Mobility is indispensable for both humans and technical systems. We desire mobility: here, today, and when we are old. During this ideally resource-saving mobility, we also wish to access information and services. All ten THWS faculties are represented in this research focus. They work on topics like Vehicle technology and electric mobility”, Running therapy”, Mobility for elderly people”, Systems for mobile application”, etc.

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Head of the TTZ-EMO
Prof. Dr. Ansgar Ackva
Room FE 1.E.29
Phone +49 9721 940-8321

Head of the IMES
Prof. Dr. Norbert Strobel
Room IMES 1.1.59
Phone +49 9721 940-8768


TTZ-EMO - Technology Transfer Centre for E-mobility
IMeS - Institute of Medical Engineering
IREM - Institute for Rescue, Emergency and Disaster Management
IAL - Institute of Applied Logistics Solutions
IFAS - Institute of Applied Social Sciences

Research focus Digital and intelligent systems”

The third research focus considers all research aspects of digital transformation in production, manufacturing, trade and society. At the centre sage are measurement, collection, processing, storage, and distribution of data, as well as data security and modern production processes.


Head of the IDEE

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schiffler
Room 5.E.18
Telefon +49 9721 940-8559
Email andreas.schiffler[at]


IDIS - Institute for Design and Information Systems
IDEE - Institute for Digital Engineering