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Hightech Agenda Bavaria - key areas at THWS

Artificial intelligence

KI network

THWS is among the vanguard in the field of strong artificial intelligence. In the context of its Hightech Agenda, the Free State of Bavaria invests into an AI centre for applied research and knowledge transfer by funding eight research professorships at the THWS location Würzburg.

In connection with the interdisciplinary and cross-faculty key area of robotics, our University has considerable interdisciplinary competence in the field of applied research on artificial intelligence.

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Robotics at FHWS

THWS has been active in the field of robotics for many years. Robotics lectures are already an integral component of the curriculum today in a series of degree programmes. In the context of its Hightech Agenda, the Free State of Bavaria invests in a building for the Centre Robotics and in a Bachelor's programme for Robotics, which can be studied either in German or English as well as bilingually.

THWS also sets standards in research. Thanks to its many years of experience and well equipped laboratories, THWS is a welcome and respected partner for robotics project of all kinds.

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Hydrogen technology

THWS aims to support the decarbonisation of Germany as an industrial location: Through teaching, research and knowledge transfer, the university will enable companies to implement the necessary transformation processes and help to create a demand-driven infrastructure for green hydrogen locally.

Green hydrogen is seen as a beacon of hope for the energy transition: It is extremely versatile: as a fuel for mobility, as a raw material for industrial processes or for providing heat for rooms and process heat

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