ABC of studying


Although attendance is not compulsory in most courses, it is still advisable to go there as often as possible. Of course, the temptation to just stay in bed when the alarm clock rings is strong, but if you pay attention during lectures, you have less to do during exam time.

Booking rooms at THWS

In order to find a free space for learning or group work at THWS, you can use this website. There you can see which rooms are occupied at which times and for how long.


You can register for your exams and receive your results on the THWS CampusPortal. Generally, it provides an overview of your academic achievements and upcoming modules. At the end of each semester, you have to re-enrol for the next semester in the CampusPortal. On this website, you can also download documents such as your certificate of enrolment.


Studying can be stressful and demand a lot from you. In order to master it successfully and enjoy your time as a student, you should take a deep breath from time to time and relax in between. On our Instagram account @gesundstudieren_inwue you will find more helpful tips and exercises.


On the e-learning platform you will find all the important documents for your studies. Scripts, exercises and general information. You can exchange ideas with your fellow students and lecturers in the chat.


So that you can get through your studies without money worries, the Studentenwerk is there to advise you. It helps you with your BAföG application and offers information about student loans, insurance and other subsidies. Find out if you are eligible for a scholarship and apply for it.

Gen. Exam Regulations

The General Examination Regulations of THWS (APO, currently only available in German) contain general regulations that apply to all degree programs, e.g. regulations on enrolment, re-enrolment, part-time study, leave of absence, de-registration and examinations. In addition, there are programme-specific study and examination regulations (SPO), which specify the regulations of the APO and contain, for example, regulations on the structure and structure of the study program and the thesis.

Healthy studying

Staying healthy throughout your studies is desirable, even if your schedule can be really stressful sometimes. Stress may cause other illnesses, thus it is vital to find mental balancing techniques that help you to relax. Among other tips, you can find them here.

ID card for students

Your student ID offers many functions. First and foremost, it serves as your public transport ticket for the current semester. The ID is also used to borrow books from the THWS library, pay for meals in the canteen, print out documents etc. What’s more: Many public places, spare time activities and businesses offer student discounts. Simply ask at the counter and have your card ready when you need it!


Studying can be really expensive, especially if you have to move to a different city for it. Thus, many students work in temporary jobs alongside studying. There are many opportunities, from waiting tables at a restaurant to being a cashier in the supermarket. However, THWS is also sometimes looking student assistants. Keep an eye open, we will post vacancies on our Instagram channel!


Your K-number is used as your user name for logging into the CampusPortal. You can find it on your student ID card. In addition to your K-number, you will need your password to log in.


The THWS library is located in Würzburg and Schweinfurt. There you will be provided with literature and can also study in a concentrated manner at the workstations. By the way, there is a traffic light system on the library website that shows how many seats are currently occupied. In the library you can borrow literature for your studies and for writing term papers, and there is a wide range of offers. You can check the library catalogue to see if the books you are looking for are available on site. The loan period is four weeks and in the case of textbooks even about 6 months. For a glance into the THWS libraries, watch the video on our YouTube channel.


The Studentenwerk (Student Services) has canteens in Würzburg and Schweinfurt where you can enjoy tasty meals at a reduced price as long as you are a student. They offer at least one vegan option each day, and Thursdays are meat-free. You can find the menu for the upcoming two weeks on the Studentenwerk website.


Numerus clausus means limited number. This means that a degree programme has limited admission and you cannot simply enrol. The term is often used incorrectly in the context of the prescribed grade point average.

Organisational talent

In order not to lose track of your studies, you should structure your to-dos. In addition to classic to-do lists, there are also many useful tools that you can use to organise yourself digitally. In addition to your to-dos, you should also store or file your papers and documents properly.

Practical courses

In a practical course you consolidate and apply the knowledge that you have gained in lectures and seminars. Unlike tutorials, practical courses are held by lecturers and not by tutors.


You will have to quote very often in the course of your studies, but at the latest when writing your bachelor's thesis. The correct citation style is important. There is some information about this on the THWS library website, but otherwise you can also find many tips on the Internet on the subject of citation.

Resident Registration

If you move to Würzburg or Schweinfurt for your studies, you should and must register with the city. By the way, the city of Würzburg has the "Main residence for students" ("Hauptwohnsitz für Studierende") campaign, where you will be reimbursed once for the cost of the semester ticket and on top of that you will receive a great voucher booklet.

Student Services

The Studentenwerk Würzburg is responsible for the social well-being of all students in Würzburg, Schweinfurt, Bamberg and Aschaffenburg. On the one hand, it runs canteens, cafeterias and dorm rooms for students, and on the other hand, it is the contact point for various topics. It offers legal, social and student finance counselling and also has a psychotherapeutic counselling centre.


In many modules, tutorials are offered by fellow students from higher semesters. Be sure to go there. It helps to have the topics explained again by another person and to do exercises. You can also ask your fellow students questions if you don't understand something so well.

University sports

Do you already know what university sports has to offer? There you can participate as a student of THWS. There are countless sports courses at several locations that you can try out. On the website you can view the sports schedules and register.

Validating your ID

Your student ID (THWS Card) will be sent to you by post in good time before the start of your studies. You first have to validate it at a validating machine at THWS to be able to use it. You have to repeat this process at the beginning of each semester.


THWS provides Wi-Fi to all members of the university. All you have to do is select the "THWS" network in your settings, enter your k-number and password as your username.


You can find an overview of all exams to be taken in the respective study and examination regulations of your degree programme. It's best to read them carefully so that you don't miss any deadlines.


At first glance, yoga has nothing to do with studying, but it can help you a lot. Because yoga helps against stress and provides relaxation. In addition, you can take part in yoga classes at the university sports and the student health management often offers courses.


Gaining enough sleep is important and good sleep plays an essential role if you wish to study successfully. The student health management team gives tips on sleep hygiene and other health-related topics.