Students working in a group (c) Jonas Kron

Services and Support

At THWS, various services and advisers support a smooth course of studies - before the start of studies, during, or at the end.

Central Facilities

The IT Service Centre, the Library, and the Media Centre (HMZ), which covers everything to do with media productions, are Central Facilities of FHWS and open to all students and members of staff at THWS.

Counselling Services

The THWS Academic Advisory Service offers general counsel to all persons interested in or already studying at THWS.

The Department of Student Affairs deals with everything that is related to applications, enrolment, exams, and internships.

The Career Service offers counselling, but also trainings to students when it comes to job hunting and career start.

On our websites for young scientsts (only available in German), students may inform themselves and gain the right contacts for a co-operative doctorate at THWS.


Students who are thinking of dropping out of university may find help at the Counselling for Dropouts.

The International Office (HSIN) has information about all matters regarding studying abroad.

The Women's Affairs Officers are committed to the promotion of women and the elimination of disadvantages for femal students and female members of the teaching staff.

To ensure successful studies, our University offers counsel to persons with disabilities or chronic diseases who are planning to study or already studying at THWS.

If you are concerned about your physical, psychological or social health, you can contact the team of the THWS Student Health Management.

For a possible case of emergency, every THWS site has staff members trained as First Aiders.