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We are there for you!

The Campus for Applied Research (CAF) offers you various services. Our team helps you with questions regarding research, inventions, founding a start-up, and third-party funds.


Services offered in the area of Research

  • Contact for the search and procurement of suitable cooperation partners for research contracts and co-operations
  • Information on current funding announcements and calls for proposals
  • Research into funding opportunities for projects with THWS participation
  • Advice regarding funding guidelines for members of THWS and project partners
  • Support in the application process through research of funding opportunities, reviewing the application for completeness and compliance with formalities, coordination of the application at THWS, final checks and submission of the application documents


Services offered in the area of Inventions

  • Individual advice regarding job-related inventions (THWS employees)
  • Individual, initial advice regarding “free” inventions (students and guest lecturers at THWS)
  • Individual advice regarding other copyrights (registered designs, appearance, brands)
  • We are your point of contact for the Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH (Bavarian Patent Alliance) Use of patents as base for founding a company (THWS founding teams)
  • Use of patents as base for founding a company (THWS founding teams)


Services offered in the area of Founding a Business

  • Services in the field of business founding, sensitisation and promotion of innovative potentials Project EntrepreneurSHIP@THWS, funded through EXIST
  • Initial advice for potential business founders
  • Facilitation of contacts to coaches, mentors, successful business founders and partners from the Gründungsservice Mainfranken
  • Advice and application for the EXIST and FLÜGGE funding programmes
  • Lecture series “Gründen@THWS”

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