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The Team

The members of the EntrepreneurSHIP team at THWS

Ulrike Machalett-Gehring

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  •  Start-up consultancy
  •  Project coordination

My motivation
As co-ordinator within the EntrepreneurSHIP@THWS project, I will use my network over the next four years to open doors for future business founders. Providing the best possible counselling and support, in co-operation with our partners, is of great importance to me. It is my goal to drive the two THWS locations and the region, and to support innovative start-up ideas.

E-mail ulrike.machalett-gehring@thws.de

For about 25 years I have been working as a freelance journalist and, in line with my background in tax law during my studies in business administration, I deal with the questions and problems regarding taxes and laws of managers and their consultants on a daily basis. My field of work is described by the managerial challenges business founders encounter every day. Since 2013 I have been using my competences in my work as start-up consultant at the Campus for Applied Research of THWS. Here, I consult, support, and do networking for our start-up conscious students and graduates, starting at the early stage of finding an idea, finding possible start-up funding, up to actually founding the company and how to manage it. From the beginning, I had the desire to teach fundamental business administration knowledge for business founders in the context of an elective course in an interdisciplinary way. Connecting with my colleagues from the PIONIER module (BEST-FIT project) was natural, and the co-operation with the EntrepreneurSHIP@THWS project are an integral part of my work at THWS.

Monika Waschik

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  • Raising awareness
  • Formats
  • Network

My motivation
With our lectures and events, we are creating a meeting place for the visionaries and curious among our students of all disciplines. In the project EntrepreneurSHIP@THWS, I am responsible to support them with expertise and to connect them to our dynamic, cross-regional network. My goal is to foster the founder personality of each of my students, and to strengthen the start-up culture of the region sustainably.

E-mail monika.waschik@thws.de

Based on my experience from working in scientific libraries for many years, I founded a literature and bookselling agency and graduated from a “Creative Management” MBA programme. Entrepreneurial thinking & action, as well as my passion for creative learning and teaching methods, led me to THWS where I began my work as member of the BEST-FIT PIONIER project. Now, I work in the field of entrepreneurship teaching. With the lecture series "Gründen@THWS" and many other formats, our team and I reach out to international students from all degree programmes, supporting their exchange and getting to know the different, often very technical, individual perspectives. As a substitute for the professorship for "General Business Administration, in particular Management of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Entrepreneurship", I have been teaching the area of "Business Plan" at the Faculty of Business and Engineering since the winter semester 20/21 and look forward to working with start-up experts and the topics of entrepreneurial personality development.

Felix Liedel

Felix Liedel, EntrepreneurSHIP@THWS Project
  • Media & Communication
  • Teaching & Research

My motivation
At the intersection of media research and media practice, I work on the topic of how to create something “new” in the field of communication. This is also the case in the EntrepreneurSHIP@THWS project: First, I support the teams of founders in the creation of press releases and case studies, second, I supervise the project’s scientific aspects and the creation of project reports. In addition, I support teaching through suitable offers and formats. 

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During my studies, which included the subject of media sciences, I acquired diverse work experiences in media and other sciences. On one hand, I have worked in editorial offices and as a content manager for various online and offline media, on the other hand, I conducted research in a scientific project at the University of Bayreuth. I also worked in several teaching positions in the field of Media and Communication Theory at various universities. Since early 2021, I have been working as a research associate at the Campus for Applied Research of THWS, first in the field of scientific communication and since March 2022 in the field of communication, media, teaching & research in the EntrepreneurSHIP@THWS project. My personal interest in the project relates to the question of how new interpretations of what is characteristic of our start-up scene emerge in the interplay of structural conditions and concrete projects, ideas and formats.

Fatma Soytekin

Student in the Business Administration bachelor’s programme

Her field of activity is maintaining the social media channels.

Maximilian Bandi

Student in the International Management bachelor’s programme

His field of activity is researching for and working on the Founder’s Radar, which is a ranking the for the comparing university profiles in the promotion of start-ups at German universities by the Stifterverband.

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