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Short Facts

  • Project duration: 18 Nov. 2021 to 17 Nov. 2024
  • Amount of funding: € 618,193
  • Funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK)
  • Project partner(s): Landkreis Rhön-Grabfeld, Hans Geis GmbH + Co KG, PIA Automation Holding GmbH, Preh GmbH Fertigungsgerätebau, Adolf Steinbach GmbH & Co. KG, ullmer GmbH & Co. KG, Götting KG


Here you can see the sketch of of 5G-INNOPLATT-NES

Based on 5G technology, various projects and applications/services are implemented in the corresponding industries in co-operation with different partner companies. The portfolio covers indoor and outdoor installations, as well as innovations of EDGE computing. Through automation, company processes shall be made more flexible, customer requirements shall be met more accurately and products “Made in Germany” shall become even more competitive.

Project goals and contents

5G infrastructure - Tailored to the businesses’ use case:

Within the framework and limited to the project period of the 5G-INNOPLAT-NES project, a 5G infrastructure is created for the participating, Bad-Neustadt-based companies. The provision of 5G is tailored to the specific 5G use cases (indoor/outdoor).

The 5G innovation platform: EDGE computing integrated into 5G infrastructure

The project integrates and operates an EDGE computing infrastructure. Within the EDGE computing infrastructure, the innovation platform for 5G application development and operation is implemented. The goal is to enable the agile development of applications and their operation for the co-operating companies within this platform. Special attention is also paid to the topic of security.

Use cases of 5G in businesses:

The businesses involved in the project will use the 5G innovation platform for developing 5G applications. Here, the businesses are aiming for two different goals:

  • On one hand, the businesses involved wish to promote the process of digitisation and the application of new technologies through 5G. The factors of efficiency and competitiveness remain in focus. 5G-based automation will make automation and business processes more flexible, so that customer requirements can be fulfilled in an even better way.
  • On the other hand, participating businesses aim to develop new, 5G-based products and/or services. This shall broaden the product portfolio in the range of production systems to make new, innovative, 5G-based products “Made in Germany” even more competitive. The 5G applications developed in the context of the 5G-INNOPLAT-NES project meet various requirements and are directed towards several industries. Intense co-operation between partners within the project allows that the 5G innovation platform is continuously improved so that it can cover the requirements of all participating companies. As the 5G applications developed are very diverse in nature, the project will be able to develop and test a universally usable 5G innovation platform. Thanks to the co-operation within the project described the risks that could occur if they carried out a project on their own are lowered for individual project partners.

Demonstration of the developed 5G use cases:

The goal of 5G-INNOPLAT-NES is to demonstrate the applications developed by the end of the project and to show both feasibility as well as added value in a practical way.

Project contact(s)

Prof. Dr. Christian Bachmeir

Leon Heller, M.Sc.

Leonhard Hösch