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Social media channels


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To our YouTube channel

On our YouTube channel, we cover every study programme in detail. Each degree programme is presented in a video which is complemented by an FAQ-video. That way, especially prospective students can easily get informed.


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On our Instagram profile, students and prospective students will not only find information but also entertainment. In addition to a weekly news-update all about the University, we also post general study information, event tips and much more.


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To our Facebook page

Everyone prefering Facebook over Instagram, will find (almost) the same contents: news, information and entertainment all around THWS. Have a look and stay up to date!

Additional profiles and channels

Our LinkedIn-profile enables our students to network during and after their studies with us. We also use this platform to post news and THWS career topics.


Follow our Twitter-channel to keep updated about the latest press releases.


Our social media team goes to great lengths to maintain interesting and informative profiles and channels. We greatly value friendly communication on our channels. Constructive feedback is welcome anytime. We like to get in touch.
Our netiquette serves as a guideline on how to interact, particularly in the comments section.