Student at machine (c) Stefan Bausewein

School visits on the topic "lightweight engineering and energy" in cooperation with the IJF (Initiative of Young Researchers)

School visits on the topic "lightweight engineering"

Lightweight engineering is currently not a topic in school subjects. The Initiative of Young Researchers e. V. (IJF) and THWS is aiming to change that and are offering the "Lightweight Engineering" school visit to supplement the curriculum of pupils in the 9th grade.

Students of THWS visit secondary schools and provide an overview of lightweight engineering over the course of four school hours. The school visit shall show the potential, the technical, economic, and ecological meaning of this key technology, and which job opportunities this field offers. A central aspect is research-based and practice-oriented learning. The youngsters receive age-appropriate, already processed information and are allowed to experiment themselves, which conveys that this topic can indeed be a lot of fun. Various learning stages give pupils the opportunity to get a grasp of the key elements of lightweight engineering. Here, material testing, cost-benefit calculations, the materials used or the production of fibre composite materials play a major role. In addition, pupils will gain suggestions for choosing their future profession and an overview of training professions.

The school visits are tailored especially for the 9th school year. However, younger and older pupils (8th to 10th grade) may also participate in the programme, if communicated beforehand.

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