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The THWS identity

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Our vision

The Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (THWS) is guided by the vision of networking. Systematic networking is intended to create ideal, inspiring and profitable conditions for making an important contribution to the future-relevant challenges within our institution, in the region and in society and business.
THWS uses three levels for this purpose:

Networking between regions and countries

We are closely connected to our region of Lower Franconia. Our University is a strong partner and provides impulses. It brings together regional research centres and businesses, and links them to a Europe-wide and even international network. Through closely cooperating with regional businesses, we have the function of an important interface for connecting students to the local economy and industries by educating and training specialised workers from Germany and abroad.

Networking of specialist disciplines and knowledge

We offer a wide spectrum of specialist disciplines to be able to study, teach, work, and conduct research in a multidisciplinary way. We do not only connect our specialist disciplines among each other, but also the people working, teaching, and studying at THWS. We network within the university and forge partnerships with society, politics and business. We examine the challenges of digitalisation transformation and climate change from different angles.

Networking of people and cultures

We create knowledge and share it. Through connecting curious people, thirsting for knowledge, an enrichment not only for individuals but for society as a whole is being created. To this end, the networking of students, teachers, employees in administration and science and people from practice is equally important to us.

Our mission

We enable high-quality education and training of people in a didactically demanding, curiosity-awakening, personal and future-oriented environment. Through our lived understanding of freedom of teaching and the claim of holistic personal education, our highly qualified teaching staff develops innovative teaching and learning formats with the aim of releasing our graduates into the society of the future as opinion-forming, professionally and socially competent people.

The integration of our graduates into the labour market on the basis of academically sound, application-oriented study and further education programmes characterised by the exchange of knowledge and competences represents for us the highest goal and at the same time the highest mark of quality. In order to achieve this goal, all areas of the university, teaching, research as well as administration, must aim for the highest possible level of quality. We therefore practise integrated, process-oriented and systematic quality management in order to develop continuously and verifiably and to consolidate the university as an attractive place to study and a strong employer.

Our strong and professional networks enable a supra-regional and international exchange. Through networking within THWS and across universities, we connect people with different perspectives and intellectual approaches. We thus enable all THWS members to exchange experiences and knowledge. We encourage dialogue with people and thus create inspiring and creative spaces in which we offer the opportunity to expand competences, perspectives and horizons.

As institution of teaching and research, we perceive ourselves as workshop for innovation and with our insights, we give important impulses for the region, the society, and for politics and the economy. With our faculties, institutes, laboratories and cross-university competence networks, we can offer application-oriented and practical solutions based on scientifically sound knowledge and a continuous exchange and transfer of knowledge.

We teach, conduct research and work in a multidisciplinary way, out of conviction. We achieve progress and further development through the plurality and diversity of people, perspectives and competences. We pave the way for an enriching process of understanding and exchange across disciplines, teaching, research and administration. We are open and curious about new approaches to thinking and acting and are prepared to engage and approach each other.

As a scientific institution and hotbed of innovation, we see it as our duty to take responsibility for the social, economic and ecological challenges of the future for generations to come. We are called upon to deliver future-proof and sustainable processes and results. All university members strive to internalise and apply these themselves. In doing so, we always try to harmonise ecological aspects with society and the economy.

Qualified, satisfied and motivated employees work together to achieve our vision and mission. Through a common and modern understanding of leadership, we strengthen the cohesion of the various university levels and departments. As a future-oriented employer, our university offers meaningful activities, ensures a work-life balance and supports all employees in their professional and personal development.

Our values

WE are ONE university and create an environment for studying, research and work,

  • ... in which we value each other and treat each other with respect and fairness,

  • ... which focuses on cohesion, promotes mutual support and facilitates collaborative solutions,

  • ... which is characterised by mutual trust and open, constructive and lively communication,

  • ... in which tolerance and openness are practised and there is no place for any form of violence, harassment, discrimination or disadvantage based on gender, sexual identity, origin, religion or belief, age or disability,

  • ... which ensures equal opportunities and enables the diversity of lifestyles and family forms,

  • ... in which the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men is a guiding principle,

  • ... which takes into account economic, ecological and social aspects simultaneously and in a balanced manner,

  • ... which awakens curiosity, joy and passion at work.