The picture shows a coffee-to-go cup, symbolic of the language café. Click to enlarge the picture.

Language Café

Hello! ¡Hola! Ciao! Bonjour! مرحبا 

Are you learning German and want to practice and speak it outside of class? Or you already speak German and want to meet new people from other countries and talk about various topics? Then the language café is the right place for you!

What is it about?

The language café is a place where you can (virtually) meet and chat with a nice group of people, and chat about this and that with a cup of tea or coffee, just like in a café. The meetings will take place regularly on an agreed day and the offer to join is non-binding. So, in case you are busy at times, don’t worry. We, the Welcome Team, accompany the meetings and bring nice ideas to get the conversation started.


Who can participate?

  • Anyone who is currently learning German and would like to make new contacts
  • Ideal for international students who want to practice German!
  • German-speaking students who want to help others learn German and want to volunteer (e.g. help with vocabulary)

What do you need to bring?

We are looking for people with the following qualities:

  • Openness towards other people and cultures
  • A certificate of enrolment at the THWS or a university entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung)
  • German language level A2 is recommended
  • Enjoy supporting other students and sharing your knowledge
  • Possibly a device with internet connection if our language café should take place online

What will you get?

Participation will get you:

  • A confirmation of participation (if you participate in at least 75% of the meetings in the course of one semester or 10 times over the period of several semesters)
  • For the confirmation of participation you will get a stamp in your KomPass International and in addition
  • German speaking students can receive a certificate about their voluntary engagement
  • The chance to improve your German
  • Getting to know new people
  • Lots of fun

To your registration

So, if you are convinced now and feel addressed, register now!

For further questions please write us an e-mail via: sprachcafe[at]


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Office hours

Monday 12:00-14:00 Uhr (via telefone)
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