Language certificates

If you have successfully passed your exam and have paid the course or examination fees, you will receive a language certificate. We will inform you about two to four weeks after the exam whether you have passed or need to re-take parts of the exam.

Please be patient! It will take some time until the certificates are issued and ready for pick-up.

Here you can find out what types of certificates you can obtain and what requirements need to be met:

THWS language certificate

  • for FHWS students and external course participants
  • for German and English language courses
  • for language examinations of all proficiency levels (A1 to C1)
  • all four parts of the exam (listening, reading, writing and speaking) must be passed


You will receive your digital THWS language certificate via email approximately six to eight weeks after passing the exam.

(Starting in the summer semester of 2022, THWS language certificates will no longer be issued in paper form.)


  • for THWS students only
  • for German courses only
  • for proficiency levels A2 to B2
  • course participation of at least 75%
  • all four parts of the exam (listening, reading, writing and speaking) must be passed
  • (in order to obtain the UNIcert® base certificate (levels A1&A2), proof of A1 must be provided)

Approximately 1 semester after passing the exam, the UNIcert® certificate will be ready for pick-up in the office. We will inform you via email.

If you urgently need proof of your level of language proficiency, we can send you a preliminary confirmation. Please inform us of your cause via the contact form.

Recognition of language certificates

Language certificates are often required when applying for studies or internships abroad and can also be helpful when starting a new job. Many companies and organizations require applicants to provide proof of relevant language certificates.

Which language certificates are recognized depends on the respective institution. Therefore, we cannot provide any concrete information.

THWS language certificates are usually recognised when applying for THWS degree programmes. You will find more information on language certificates and language entry requirements for degree programmes on the THWS website.

Furthermore, you can find out about the advantages of UNIcert® certificates here.