Team of Campus for Professional Development

Let us be your “solution finder”!

We know from our own experience how difficult it can be to decide for or against further training. That is why we make your professional career our mission and never lose sight of our common goals. We are here to support you with the challenges of in-service training and will be at your side to provide advice and assistance. We assure you that we will use our competencies in a targeted manner to find a solution for you!

We are diverse instead of narrow-minded.

We adapt to the needs of our customers and are a flexible and dynamic team. This flexibility and open-mindedness stems from our diverse academic and professional backgrounds and our experiences with living, working and studying abroad.

We work together instead of against one another.

We network at all levels and build bridges, inside and outside the university! For our own further development, we attach great importance to regular contact with regional companies and organizations. We are keen on a constant dialogue with other training providers, professional associations and teachers. The word "togetherness" is of particular importance to us because helpfulness and support are of significant value to us.

We are convinced of class instead of mass.

We attach great importance to high-quality and participant-oriented education. Quality is therefore a central factor in our course programs. Continuous improvement of our administrative processes is just as important as ensuring the quality of instruction. In order to meet this demand, we implement ongoing evaluation of our course offers and our continuing education programs are accredited. In addition, we regularly undergo a survey on administrative services and our infrastructure. For this purpose, a quality circle has been set up at the Campus of Professional Development, which deals with the results of these surveys at regular intervals and derives appropriate measures from them

... the Team for your Continuing education!

If we can assist you in your decision-making process or consult you regarding our continuing education program, feel free to contact us. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this webpage or under the menu item “locations”. We would be pleased to hear from you!