Students in park (c) Jonas Kron


Pavilion - Maintal Opportunity Center - Start-Up Lab

Our three locations in Würzburg and Schweinfurt are the addresses where YOU can simply meet and give free rein to your founding spirit and creativity. The locations are equipped with all work materials and devices you need to turn YOUR ideas into reality.

Würzburg Pavilion

Where to find the pavilion:

Campus Münzstraße
Münzstraße 19
97070 Würzburg


The image shows the pavilion with its seats in the middle and a large whiteboard on the right.

This will refer you to the digital tour through the pavilion.

Maintal Opportunity Center

Where to find the Maintal Opportunity Center

Maintal Opportunity Center
Hall 1.1
Amsterdamstraße 16/18
97421 Schweinfurt

1st Floor upstairs (all rooms)

Startup Lab in Schweinfurt

The Startup Lab as part of the co-operating project WERK:RAUM will open in summer 2022!

Landwehrstraße 46
97421 Schweinfurt

Room for innovation and socialising on four floors.

Further information

Digital tour through the WERK:RAUM (3D scan by: Maximilian Rosilius)

This will refer you to the digital tour through WERK: RAUM.