FHWS building at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg Würzburg


Learning from human-machine interaction

Short Facts

  • Duration: 01 Sept. 2021 to 31 Aug. 2023
  • Funded by: Bavarian Hightech Agenda

Project goals and contents

Business and HR managers in the metal and electrical industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and in retail mention the loss of knowledge acquired through experience, skills shortage, and a lack of new workers as the three most severe problems for businesses today. The ageing society plays a key role in this matter: On one hand, the experience gathered by ageing staff needs to be passed on, and employees need to be retained within the company for as long as possible. A hindrance for this is the loss of cognitive and physical when employees reach older age. However, tasks that require experience can also be carried out at a constantly high level by older workers.

Over the course of its term, the research project has the goal to build a prototype system that gathers interactions between humans and production systems and that offers, based on AI technologies, (age-appropriate) recommendations for the use of these systems. The project places human interactions with machine controls (NC controls) at the centre by using additional external sensors at metal processing machines.

Project contact

Anna-Maria Schmitt, M.Sc.