This is CAIRO

CAIRO – Part of the Data Science Hub in the AI Network of Bavaria

The Center for Artificial Intelligence (CAIRO) has been established in 2021 as the THWS response to the growing demand within both industries and society to capitalize on the recent advances in data-driven AI research.

Research for Practical Applications
The primary objective of the Center is to develop theoretically well-grounded research to support progress in the practical applications of the emerging technologies through innovative, efficient and responsible solutions. The team of CAIRO researchers, THWS professors and collaborators, focuses on various areas of machine learning spanning from learning for vision and perception to computational creativity and cognition.

Knowledge Transfer
In addition to research, CAIRO professors actively contribute to knowledge transfer through teaching within the international Master’s programme for Artificial Intelligence (MAI), and through collaborating with companies and other interest groups helping them to leverage the novel tools and methods for the benefit of the local economy and community at large.

Data-Science Hub of the Bavarian AI Network
CAIRO together with the Center for Aritificial Intelligence and Data Science (CAIDAS) of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg form the Data-Science Hub of the Bavarian AI Network established and funded under the High-Tech Agenda (HTA) Bayern. Through its activities CAIRO facilitates internal interdisciplinary collaboration within THWS and exchange of knowledge and experience among AI researchers. CAIRO is closely linked to the Center for Robotics (CERI) of the THWS working towards the integration of AI within robotics.

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