Portrait image of Dr.-Ing. Hubert Büchs
Image: Marius Ballasus

50 Years 50 Faces

Dr.-Ing. Hubert Büchs


  • 1971–1974 Student of Mechanical Engineering
  • as of 2015 Member of the FHWS University Council

For me, FHWS ...
was the launch pad for success.

What do you appreciate about FHWS?

Capable professors, good facilities and a good atmosphere.

What was the best decision in your professional career and why? What has changed since then?

The best decision for me was changing sectors – from agriculture to science and engineering to discover, as Faust says, “what binds the world's innermost core together”. Another important step was setting up my own industrial enterprise.

What do you think has shaped FHWS the most over the last 50 years?

One important aspect is that government engineers and architects became genuine professors. In recent years, they have also increasingly worked on research missions and the FHWS has expanded in both disciplinary scope and physical space – expansion that was not pursued in earlier years.

What is your vision of the future for FHWS? What might FHWS look like in 50 years’ time?

I hope that, alongside teaching, FHWS steps up its research work and builds a close and successful partnership with industry in that area to help drive the regional economy. Foreign students are very welcome!
My hope is that FHWS becomes an elite Bavarian HE institution.