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Graduate programmes for a cooperative doctorate

Many cooperative doctorates at THWS are embedded into a subject-specific graduate programme. In these programmes, professors from THWS cooperate with professors from universities and other universities of applied sciences (UAS). The programmes not only serve to jointly supervise doctoral students, but also offer doctoral students the opportunity for inter-university exchange, the establishment of a research network and special funding opportunities.

THWS is a member in six of eleven joint academic partnerships of the Bavarian Academic Forum (BayWISS). They offer structured, transparent, and plannable paths to become a doctor with equal supervision by academics from both types of higher education institution. Joint academic partnerships offer their own event programme and financing opportunities for e.g. conferences. BayWISS is an instrument for the institutional exchange between UAS and universities in Germany.

Detailed information on graduate programmes

WiKE³ Graduate Programme

In the “Scientific colloquium on Electromobility” (WiKE3), relevant research topics relating to electromobility, its technological implementation and its sustainable supply with energy are worked on intensively in scientifically.

Main topics:

  • High-Voltage Engineering
  • Power electronics
  • Electric drive systems
  • Power systems

In WiKE³, 11 professors from four northern Bavarian UAS (Aschaffenburg, Coburg, Nuremberg, THWS) are currently conducting research with 20 doctoral students in cooperation with 15 professors from 10 universities. Contacts at THWS: Professor Dr. Ansgar Ackva of the TTZ-EMO.

Together with the University of Würzburg and the OTH Regensburg, THWS is the supporting institution of the joint academic partnership “Digital Transformation”.

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Main topics:

  • Big Data / Data Analytics
  • Digitisation in industrial production and services
  • Intelligent networks
  • Information technology in health care and health research
  • Human-Computer Media
  • Robotics and telematics
  • Security of hardware, software and data
  • Economic and societal aspects of computing systems in application contexts

Seven professorial and 9 doctoral candidates from THWS are represented. There is already one alumna. Contacts at THWS: Professor Dr. Jürgen Hartmann, vice president for research, knowledge and technology transfer

BayWISS joint academic partnership “Health”

The Joint Academic Partnership Health supports co-operative doctorates at Bavarian higher education institutions in the following focus fields:

  • Medical engineering and informatics
  • Biomedical sciences
  • Materials and active components
  • Promotion of health and prevention of sickness
  • Nursing and rehabilitation
  • Health management and health economics
  • Medical ethics and law

Three professorial and three doctoral candidates from THWS are represented. THWS spokesperson: Professor Dr. Tanja Henking.

BayWISS joint academic partnership “Production Technology”

The joint academic partnership offers a strong platform for the develpment of production technologies. Focus topics are:

  • Bionically-inspired production systems
  • Additive manufacturing technologies for electronics/mechatronics
  • Process developments
  • Mounting and connection technology for electronics/mechatronics
  • Printed electronics
  • Manufacturing of electrical energy systems and electric drives
  • Manufacturing technology in electrical engineering, electronics, optoelectronics and photonics
  • Laser material processing
  • Materials for mechatronic products
  • Industry 4.0
  • Microsystems

There is currently one professorial member representing THWS. Contact person at THWS: Professor Dr. Gordana Krüger.

The joint academic partnership connects researchers in Bavaria across all higher education institutions and offers a strong platform for the development of synergies. Main topics:

  • Societies of the 21st century - Globalisation and social change
  • Care and Capability
  • Change of the professional world
  • Social work in the 21st century
  • Inclusion and exclusion
  • Changing age relationships
  • Migration, flight, and integration
  • Cultural diversity and transculturality
  • Structures of social inequality
  • Political extremism
  • Digital transformation and social change
  • Social Entrepreneurships, Social Businesses, Social Enterprises (SE) and hybrid organisations
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Three professorial and three doctoral candidates from THWS are represented. THWS spokesperson: Professor Dr. Dagmar Unz.

Research and doctoral projects in the fields of business and management are conducted in the joint academic partnership. In this way, it provides innovative and application-oriented solutions for Bavaria as a business location and beyond. 

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There is currently one professorial member representing THWS. Contacts at THWS: Professor Dr. Markus Klemm.

Focus topics are:

  • Financial management, financial markets
  • Value-added management (among others: organisation, production, logistics)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Industrial and innovation economics
  • Personnel, employment markets
  • Marketing and new media
  • Business and organisational psychology
  • Innovation and technology management
  • Economic aspects of digitisation and the digital economy
  • Management of IT infrastructure
  • International business relations
  • Environment economics
  • Real estate markets

The interdisciplinary research group offers graduates of engineering sciences, but also of natural sciences, sociology and economics a network that is characterised by a variety of research approaches and methods. Focus topics are:

  • Materials and construction research
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Urbanisation and the future of infrastructures
  • Interdisciplinar topics

One professorial and one doctoral candidate from THWS are represented. Contacts at THWS: Professor Dr. Christian Fischer.

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Further info about BayWISS

Through the expert forum on joint academic partnerships, BayWISS enhances the conditions under which young researchers can complete a doctorate and increases the permeability of our education system. In the joint academic partnership, university and UAS professors jointly supervise and review the doctorate on an equal footing. There are no additional admission hurdles for the doctoral candidates according to the type of university, there is no differentiation in the doctoral degree according to academic origin and the supervising UAS is named on the university doctoral certificate.

Further information on the specialist forum on cooperative doctorates and the other joint academic partnerships

Your path to BayWiss as a doctoral candidate leads through your UAS supervisor.