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Change of studies

You wish to study in a different programme or at a different university?

If you have earned credit points in a previous study programme that would be accredited towards the intended degree programme with us, then you can apply for the higher semester for both the winter semester and the summer semester.

Information on applying to a higher semester of HSST

You are thinking about changing your degree programme, and ask yourself how to proceed? In order to be assigned a new study place, you must apply via the THWS Application Portal. Please note that you must make a request for de-registration from the previous degree programme before enrolling in the new degree programme and keep to the application deadline for the new degree programme.

Periods of study, course and examination achievements and credit points will be credited on application if the modules do not differ significantly. The examination committee of the degree programme you are applying for decides on the accreditation.

Further information is available from the Academic Advisory Service and the respective programme advisor.

Changing from a different university to THWS is possible as long as the general admission requirements of THWS are met. Certain degree programmes require a pre-study internship before students can start their studies, also in the case of entering the programme in a higher semester. In order for you to be able to transfer, study places must be available at THWS. The pre-requisite for transferring is a timely enrolment application at our university and de-registration at the university at which you have previously studied. Your university entrance qualification will be checked again when you enrol.
If you are applying for a higher semester, a set minimum number of credit points applies to some bachelor's degree programmes.  If you are applying for a higher semester, you should also apply for the first semester if you are unsure whether you have already achieved the minimum number of credit points.

You can find more information on this topic on the website of the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) on applying to a higher semester.