Studying at THWS

Apart from the regular bachelor's and master's degree programmes and general elective modules, THWS also offers cooperative studies. By cooperating with "hochschule dual" and several companies there is the opportunity for combined studies (vocational training + studies), studies with intensified practice (studies + integrated practical/internship phases) or the I.C.S. Model (International Cooperative Studies). Compared with students in a regular degree programme, students in a cooperative programme have a considerably higher share of practice/internships at partner companies thereby achieving optimal conditions for their career start.

As a means of support to students and teachers THWS provides and online learning platform "E-Learning@thws".

General and contact information, short descriptions of all degree programmes, and an overview of the respective modules are compiled on our websites.

Regulations like, for example, the Study and Examination Regulations of the degree programmes, registration/enrolment figures, but also the Constitution of THWS (Grundordnung) can be downloaded from the Official Publications' section.

The most important dates (application period, re-enrolment period, start and end of lectures, lecture free days/periods, examination periods, publication of grades etc.) can be found in the list of semester dates.