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Early study programme at THWS

Early study programme - secondary pupils at THWS

PDF download: Important information on the early study programme

In accordance with Section 42, Paragraph 3 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG), high-performing pupils are allowed to begin their studies before they have achieved their general higher education qualification (OR subject-specific higher education entrance qualification OR advanced technical college certificate).
Examination achievements during early studies can later be accredited to the respective degree programme. From a legal perspective, pupils will retain the status of studying at a secondary school (Gymnasium or Vocational College), and they are not officially enrolled at a higher education institution.

Early studies are currently available for the Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechatronics, and Plastics and Rubber Engineering degree programmes. Generally, the first semesters are especially suitable for early studies. In this way, motivated and talented pupils can be promoted according to their interests.

Admission to the THWS early study programme

To take part in the early studies programme, please follow these instructions:

  • Applicants should first write a cover letter with the desired degree programme to the corresponding Programme Advisor of the degree programmes Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Mathematics mentioned below.
  • The next step is an orientation session with the Programme Advisor of the respective faculty. Here, the individual events the pupil can participate in are defined.
  • Applicants must submit the “Application for Admission to Early Studies” to the Department of Student Affairs. The following signed declarations must be added to the application:

    1. A signed declaration that the applicant accepts the conditions of participation.
    2. An authorisation by the legal guardian (if the applicant is below the age of 18).
    3. A document by the school management

    Link to the application form section

Contacts regarding the THWS early study programme

Your contacts for early studies at THWS

For information and questions on early studies, please contact the Academic Advisory Centre of THWS and/or the corresponding Programme Advisors:

Academic Advisory Service
Elmar Kemmer
Phone +49 931 3511-8169 or -8168
E-mail studienberatung[at]thws.de

Programme Advisor for Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Dr. Udo Müller
Phone +49 9721 940-906
E-mail udo.mueller[at]thws.de

Programme Advisor for Industrial Mathematics
Prof. Dr. Markus Bier
Phone +49 9721 940-8582
E-mail markus.bier[at]thws.de

Programme Advisor for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Prof. Dr. Markus Mathes
Phone +49 9721 940-8513
E-mail markus.mathes[at]thws.de

Prof. Dr. Martin Spiertz
Phone +49 9721 940-8770
E-mail martin.spiertz[at]thws.de

Programme Advisor for Mechatronics
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Hirn
Phone +49 9721 940-8893
E-mail rainer.hirn[at]thws.de

Programme Advisor for Plastics and Rubber Engineering
Dieter Lambl
Phone +49 931 3511-8234
E-mail dieter.lambl[at]thws.de