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Application of Augmented Reality for facility design and material flow optimisation – Efficiency potentials and psychological effects on users, as well as building a platform for technology transfer.

Short Facts

  • Duration: 01 Jan. 2020 to 31 Mar. 2023
  • Funded by: BayVFP line of funding “Digital transformation” / R&D programme “Information technology and communication engineering” by the Free State of Bavaria (IUK-1811-0022)


Machine with AR elements
Machine with AR elements

PlanAR is a funded project with the goal of technology transfer. As in recent times, many promising advances in the field of “Augmented Reality” (AR) have been achieved, the project will test the applicability and suitability of AR for the metal processing industry. In particular, value streams and production processes are to be virtualised by means of AR. Additionally, it is planned to use AR in the completion of a manufacturing plant and during the education and training of the protagonists. Furthermore, the emotional and cognitive effects of using technical AR devices (e.g. Microsoft HoloLens) on users, as well as their acceptance, are to be investigated by the project. From this, derivations for the permanent use of AR/VR (Augmented/Virtual Reality) support in the production environment are to be generated. Building an open, fit-for-purpose platform shall grant businesses access to these key technologies.

Project goals and contents

Investigation, optimisation, and support of AR visualisations and work flows in:

  • Planning processes, value streams, initial planning/re-alignment of individual machines and facilities (MAE)
  • Commissioning
  • Mapping of assembly processes
  • Workflows for (advanced) trainings through AR-based “training on the job” scenarios
  • Development stages, among others for evaluation/customer approval, partially augmented at the place of fulfilment
  • Usable integration of real-time machine data (live)
  • Investigating and optimising the representation and management of the AR scene for various user groups

Researching the effects of AR on permanent operation

Optimisation of organisation data management with low media discontinuity

Research of emotional and cognitive effects when using technical AR devices and minimisation of adverse influential factors

Project contact

Maximilian Rosilius, Dipl.Ing.