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Tool for the automated analysis and interpretation of technical drawings

Short Facts

  • Duration: 1 January 2023 to 30 June 2023
  • Project partner(s): Schaeffler Technologies


Image of the TREASURE project

Technical drawings include large amounts of data in the form of dimensions and symbols. For using this information in modern production processes, the advancements of the digital transformation presents the manufacturing industry with the challenge of creating a digital representation of each technical drawing. This form of digitisation is connected to great manual efforts. Thus, it is desirable to automate this process.

Project goals and contents

Schaeffler Technologies has a large old stock of paper-based technical drawings without a digital representation of the underlying product structures. Many industrial companies in the manufacturing sector are in a similar situation. As there are no digital product representations available, it is impossible to establish a closed data processing chain, from the design process to manufacturing the final product. For allowing the information within the drawings to be used across all stages of the production, the drawings need to be converted into a machine-readable format. The project’s goal is to develop a tool that automatically extracts the data from the drawings through AI-based methods, classifies them and transfers the data into a digital representation of the product.

Project contact(s)

Silvio Lang, M.Eng.