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Robot-basted measuring of coordinates - size-adjusted precision robotics for shop-floor component measuring

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Project goals and contents

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In industrial production, the quality of parts is assured on several levels. Parts with high tolerance requirements (only a few hundreds of milimetres) and complex measuring points that are hard to reach, combination measurings, or shape/positional tolerances - to name some examples - are measured outside of a production environment by means of tactile coordinate measuring devices or via the optical method of stripe-light projection. Measurings at few points (1 to 20) are usually carried out directly after production. Here, the tolerances of these measuring points also lie in the range of a hundreth of a millimetre. In production, companies often make use of precise gauges of which several are integrated in component-specific fixtures. This applies to both metal and plastic components with lower tolerance requirements (in the range of a few tenths of a millimetre). The result is a dilemma of flexibility, building space, costs, precision, and automated measuring. For this propose, a setup of size-adjusted, robot-based co-ordinate measuring technology is to be implemented. Here, the process to optimise accuracy (absolute accuracy) from the given boundary conditions (kinematics, stiffness) is considered a challenge. 

Project contact

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Schmitt