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AI inspection drone

Development of an autonomous drone in co-operation with Lufthansa, IBM, HSU and TUM for the AI-supported damage detection on aeroplane surfaces
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Short Facts

Summary and project goals

Here you can see the THWS competence centre for safe, commercially used cognitive drones
THWS competence centre for safe, commercially used cognitive drones

The joint research project “AI inspection drone” in the context of the Aircraft research programme V has to goal to speed up Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul processes (MRO), making the MRO industry more competitive. The project is developing a safe system for damage detection and evaluation on external structures, taking into account the current maintenance requirements in the aerospace industry. An existing prototype integrates networked UAV, autonomous navigation and damage assessment, AI-based evaluation, and provides a Decision Support System, i. e. it can make decisions autonomously. The THWS research focal points are industry-specific end-to-end security, AI, safety, and especially securing mobile devices connected to the cloud or edge against cyber attacks.

Project contact(s)

Prof. Dr. Christian Bachmeir

Leon Heller, M.Sc.

Leonhard Hösch