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What can you do if you feel discriminated against?

You have several options

Contacting and discussing the case with the central contact person for anti-discrimination:

  • In a personal conversation, the central contact person discusses the discriminating event with you.
  • They will show you different steps of action, e.g. initiation of a formal complaints procedure. They will support you with the next steps.
  • Should refrain from initiating a formal complaints procedure, the contact person will inform you of other options to help you deal with the discriminating event and its repercussions.
  • In particular, the contact person might suggest personal conversations with other contact persons, who are experts for individual topics.
  • You will also be given internal and external contact points.


Initiation of a formal complaints procedure. This means:

  • The case is evaluated and assessed by the Complaints Office.
  • The appellee is contacted and is given the opportunity to comment.
  • The appellant and the University Board of Management are informed of the result.
  • If applicable, the University Board of Management decides upon measures and sanctions depending on the individual case.

…you can of course also contact your superior or other persons listed as contacts for cases of discrimination!