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The National Scholarship: Deutschlandstipendium

High-achieving students who show commitment also outside the university can apply for the Deutschlandstipendium, a national scholarship that is awarded without consideration of personal income.

Information for companies or persons who would like to become sponsors of the Deutschlandstipendium can be obtained from the webpages on Cooperation and Career.

Current scholarships

At the beginning of the summer semester 2023, the Deutschlandstipendium starts a new round of funding. Scholarship holders receive 300 € per month.

The scholarship is awarded to academically high-achieving students; it does not count towards grants awarded under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG). In addition to academic achievement, special social circumstances and/or social commitment are taken into account in the form of a bonus.

On the following pages, you will find the announcement and an overview of scholarships, the THWS Regulation (PDF) as well as an overview of sponsors and scholarship holders of the summer semester 2023.

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