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Plastics and Rubber Engineering

The use of plastics and rubber materials has increased drastically over the past years, and so have the discussions about the effects of plastics to the environment. Often, the general public does not consider the plethora of possibilities plastics offer, which can also protect the environment (e. g. by saving weight or CO2, enabling the construction of wind power plants or for insulating buildings) or human lives (e. g. in medical or security applications). Thus, for the responsible management of resources and useful application of plastics, even more young engineers in the field of Plastics and Rubber Engineering will be needed in the future. Graduating from THWS opens up excellent professional opportunities, allowing you to take part in shaping the future. The practice-oriented training at THWS and its great reputation result interesting and diverse job prospects in the industry.

About the degree programme

Although studying very close to practice, THWS students also enjoy a very personal atmosphere. Our students are taught expert knowledge throughout the full value-added chain: Starting from synthesising plastics, processing and analysing methods, to recycling the products. Additionally, the future engineers receive an interdisciplinary education, preparing them for the various tasks of professional life. The specialisation in the fields of plastics and rubber at once is unique in the German university landscape.

In the first year of studies, fundamentals of engineering science are taught, followed by the main studies in the second year, featuring distinctive modules teaching plastics and rubber engineering. Our students will spend a full semester working in a company to experience the practical use of the acquired knowledge and apply it in situations of everyday life in an industrial environment. They will return to THWS in the 6th and 7th semester for even more detailed lectures, deepening their knowledge and honing their skills. Parallel to the 7th semester, finally, you will work on your final thesis.

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Introduction to material science

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Introduction to injection moulding

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Properties and surfaces

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Virtual lab tours

Additionally, the degree programme offers the following virtual lab tours for prospective students:

Interactive 3D view of the Lab for Processing Technology

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Contact person for the degree programme

Dipl.-Ing (FH) Dieter Lambl
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Phone +49 931 3511-8234
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