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Invention disclosure and remuneration

Invention Disclosure

Obligation to report

Employees who made a job-related invention are obliged to notify THWS about their invention in writing using the form “THWS Invention Report” (THWS-Erfindungsmeldung) (cf. Sec. 5 ArbnErfG).

Click here to download the THWS Invention Report (PDF)

You will find further information on the invention notification system in the THWS intranet.

Inventor Remuneration

As a financial incentive for inventions and patents, the university strives for a premium payment (IP guideline is in progress) to be credited against the inventor's share according to § 42 ArbnErfG in the case of a positive evaluation of the invention disclosure by BayPat GmbH and simultaneous claiming by THWS.

In the case of material for which a patent application has not been filed, the parties involved will receive an appropriate share of the net exploitation proceeds in the event of simultaneous claiming and exploitation by THWS.

Shares for personal use by inventors/authors/participants will be paid by THWS irrespective of whether the person concerned is still employed at THWS at the time the payment is due.

For more information, please visit:

Link to the THWS IP strategy

Link to the website of the Law on Employee’s Inventions