FHWS building at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg Würzburg

Students in park (c) Jonas Kron

Student at machine (c) Stefan Bausewein

Students working in a group (c) Jonas Kron

University history

Predecessors of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, whose history dates back to the year 1807, were:     

  • the Balthasar-Neumann-Polytechnikum of the District of Unterfranken     
  • the Higher School of Economics of the City of Würzburg  
  • the Werkkunstschule of the city of Würzburg.
Date History
01 Aug 1971 Founding Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt on the basis of the Bavarian Fachhochschulgesetz
WS 1971/72 Commencement of studies with 1,566 students in seven degree programmes.
In Würzburg: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Business Administration and Communication Design,
In Schweinfurt Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Business and Engineering.
1978 The old building of the Physikalisches Institut of the University of Würzburg on Röntgenring was taken over and converted for the degree programmes Plastics Engineering and Surveying
1980 New construction of the lecture building in Münzstraße in Würzburg for the faculties Business Administration and Applied Social Sciences
1983 New construction of the High-Voltage Lab in Schweinfurt
WS 1984/85 Over 5,000 students at FHWS
1985 New construction of the Lab and workshop wing in Schweinfurt for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
1986 Restructuring of the building at Sanderring/Münzstraße in Würzburg
1989 Opening of the canteen in Schweinfurt
1991 Take-over of further buildings of the Physikalisches Institut of the University of Würzburg on Röntgenring for the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
1994 New construction of the extension building in Schweinfurt for central facilities (library, ITSC, student administration)
WS 1995/96 Upon resolution of the Bavarian Council of Ministers from 1991, studies started at the newly founded Aschaffenburg branch. First, only Business Administration was offered there.
WS 2000/01 Conversion of the Aschaffenburg branch into the independent higher education institution Fachhochschule Aschaffenburg.
2004 New construction of the lecture building (Rundbau (circular building)) in Schweinfurt
2007 Restructuring of the central building with big lecture hall and of the South and East Wing of the workshop building in Schweinfurt
2011 Opening of the Campus Konrad Geiger (Campus II) in Schweinfurt
Inauguration of the new building on Sanderheinrichsleitenweg in Würzburg Opening of the restructured old building (Teaching and Workshop Wing) in Schweinfurt and establishment of the Competence Centre Mainfranken with the focus areas energy and medical technology
SS 2013 Opening of the restructured WiSo-building in Münzstraße 12 in Würzburg
WS 2014/15 Commencement of the first English-taught TWIN programmes by the FHWS i-Campus
Start of restructuring of the remaining building sections of the Teaching and Workshop Wing in Schweinfurt
2020 Opening of the new building on the area of the former US-barracks in Schweinfurt
WS 2020/21 9,329 students enrolled at FHWS, of which 6,144 study in Würzburg and 3,185 in Schweinfurt. These student numbers include 2,452 new students
1 Jan. 2023 FHWS becomes THWS: Technical University of Applied Sciences