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Campus Hella Waltenberger, Randersackerer Straße 15, 97072 Würzburg (room nos. starting with R)

What is there?

Campus for Professional Development and Language Proficiency


From Würzburg main station, please take tram lines 1 or 4 “Sanderau” and get off at stop Arndtstraße. Turn left into Arndtstraße and at the next crossing turn left again into Randersackerer Straße. The building is then to your right.

GPS Data

N 49° 46' 50.124" E 9° 56' 13.992"


On-street parking is available in some parts of Randersackerer Straße and in adjacent side streets. Parking in the courtyard is available, the entrance is secured by a barrier. There is no wheelchair-accessible parking in the immediate vicinity. The next wheelchair-accessible parking space is on Friedrich-Spee-Straße, 97072 Würzburg; it is located on the west side of the place, at the end of the taxi stand before the intersection with Platenstraße (approx. 250 m).

Driveway to Randersackerer Straße 15
Driveway to Randersackerer Straße 15
Wheelchair-accessible parking on Friedrich-Spee-Straße, 97072 Würzburg
Wheelchair-accessible parking on Friedrich-Spee-Straße, 97072 Würzburg

Road surface and flooring

The tram stop is equipped with a tactile guidance system. Footpaths are paved with composite stones and the courtyard is tarred.

Access to the building

There is no stepless access to the building due to one step in the entrance area of the grounds and eight steps in front of the entrance door. Doors are not equipped with automatic opening mechanisms. The upper level of the building can only be accessed via stairs. The staircase is equipped with handrails, but does not offer Braille.

Stairs to the entrance of Randersackerer Straße 15
Stairs to the entrance of Randersackerer Straße 15

Guidance system

For orientation within THWS buildings in Würzburg, a consistent system of room numbers is used. Numbers start with a letter designating the building. The following number designates the floor number or level. After that, the actual room number is given. Example: R.1.01 = Randersackerer Straße 15. Level 1. Room 1. Room designation in THWS buildings in Schweinfurt differs from that, because there numbers are used to designate buildings.

Wheelchair-accessible toilets

There are no wheelchair-accessible toilets available.

Seminar rooms

There are two seminar rooms which are not fully accessible. Rooms are not air-conditioned, have daylight and are equipped with a projector.

Version from: September 2017