FHWS building at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg Würzburg

FHWS becomes THWS

On 01 January 2023 FHWS became the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

On this website, you can find all consequences of this change.

Last updated: 20 Nov 2023

The difference between a university of applied sciences and a technical university of applied sciences

The difference lies in our profile:

Universities of applied sciences teach and conduct research close to practice in an application-oriented way. As one form of this type of university, technical universities of applied sciences cover a very technical spectrum of subjects, strongly focus on internationalisation and co-operate closely with science and the economy. Non-technical subjects play an equal role at technical universities of applied sciences, as social, economic, linguistic or artistic aspects and disciplines increase the prosperity of societies alongside technical perspectives.

Three reasons

Why does FHWS wish to become THWS?

Fostering strengths

FHWS has always been strong regarding technical subjects

Changing our name to Technical University of Applied Sciences is simply the logical consequence of years of internal development processes. The focus on technology already existed when the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, in short FHWS, was established. FHWS was founded in 1971 from the Balthasar Neumann Polytechnic, the Höhere Wirtschaftsschule (a business-oriented secondary school) and the Werkkunstschule (a business- and crafts-oriented secondary school) of the City of Würzburg. The Polytechnic, as largest of the three predecessors, added five degree programmes with a technical focus to the portfolio of the higher education institution and thus already shaped the technical character of FHWS 50 years ago. Since our institution was founded, the range of technical undergraduate degree programmes has been expanding disproportionately.

The Bavarian Hightech Agenda has strengthened the field of technology with almost 50 positions in the fields of AI and robotics significantly and paved the way for the final steps on the path to becoming a Technical University of Applied Sciences.

FHWS is currently home to ten faculties, seven of which have a technical orientation. A total of 16 technical Bachelor's degree programmes as well as five technical research institutes characterise the current FHWS profile.

Sharpening perception

FHWS would like to sharpen its public perception

The orientation "Technical University of Applied Sciences" has particular social relevance in Germany, especially with regard to certain branches of industry.
The co-operation between disciplines, especially of the technical ones with social and economic sciences, as well as visual design, should not be ignored. Language training is also of fundamental importance, especially for the international orientation of THWS.
Combining all factors results in ideal opportunities to create technology that serves people and is both functional and appealing, and ultimately sells well. This is one of the greatest advantages of becoming THWS.

Reaping the benefits

Use of monetary advantages

Last, but not least, does changing our name imply monetary benefits. The additional funding will be allocated to strengthen applied research and the basic financial requirements within faculties, including the non-technical ones.

Meaning and implications

What are the implications of the change in name?

How will changing our name affect faculties and degree programmes?

Changing our name will not impact faculties and degree programmes negatively. The areas of social and economic sciences, visual design and languages will remain an integral part of our higher education institution. In addition to their fundamental importance for our society and the economy, they form profitable symbioses with the technical disciplines. They contribute significantly to a holistic understanding of technological developments and thus enable the development of necessary interdisciplinary teaching and research. Non-technical disciplines are indispensable for a technical university of applied sciences and will also benefit from the changing our name. The danger that student numbers in social sciences and economics as well as visual design programmes will decline due to the designation "Technical University of Applied Sciences" is therefore relatively low, as it is common practice that institutions of this kind also offer degree programmes in visual design, social sciences and economics.

How will changing our name affect our students and staff?

What will change for students and employees of THWS?

Studying and working at THWS will not be different from studying and working at FWHS. However, graduation certificates from a Technical University of Applied Sciences can be considered as being of higher value by industrial businesses and other companies. This applies to both technical and non-technical disciplines studied at our institution.

How will changing our name affect the region?

What are the effects on the region and the cities of Würzburg and Schweinfurt?

We expect only the positive! Especially businesses in and around Schweinfurt and Würzburg are permanently looking for well-trained junior employees. Having a technical university of applied sciences at their doorstep can only have a positive effect on local companies and how the region is perceived as a whole.

Corporate identity / corporate design

A new corporate design for THWS

In the course of changing our name we will also give our institution a new logo and a new look. It is currently being developed by a work group of students and professors at the Faculty of Visual Design. Via focus groups, all departments and stakeholders have been involved in the design process. The new corporate design will be rolled out gradually over the Schweinfurt and Würzburg locations and will also be applied to all THWS media. Orange will remain the primary colour of our CI.

FAQ and Contact


Are you a cooperation partner of the university and need our new logo? Or do you have any other questions about the name change? Please get in touch with your contact at the university or write to thws[at]thws.de!


For students and employees of the THWS, an FAQ with the most important questions and answers about the conversion of the FHWS to the THWS has been created on the intranet: