Parallel Studies

Parallel Studies at THWS

It is generally possible to be enrolled in more than one degree programme at our university (parallel studies). In addition to a due and proper application, an informal written application must be submitted to the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) outlining the following:

  • Consent will be given only, if the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of HSST that they are able to study the chosen programmes properly and that they are aware of the possible consequences of parallel studies. Properly means that the courses of the parallel degree programmes can be taken without overlaps in time and that no delay in the course of study is to be expected.
  • Parallel studies in two or more programme with restricted admission is only allowed, if there is a particular professional, academic or creative interest in studying the chosen programmes with restricted admission at the same time. Additionally, admission to parallel studies is generally dependent on the admission to each individual degree programme.

The informal application for admission to parallel studies must be submitted in the course of the application procedure already described by uploading it to the application portal. If the applicant is still a minor at the time of the application, the application must also be signed by the parents or guardian.
The application for parallel studies needs to be approved by the relevant faculty deans.

Parallel studies at different German higher education institutions

Parallel studies at different German higher education institutions are possible, if the informal application sufficiently demonstrates that the student is able to study the chosen programmes properly. Parallel enrolment at different German institutions of higher education for the same degree programme is generally excluded.
Moreover, the applicant must not only present the approval by the responsible faculty dean of our university, but also by the other institution of higher education before enrolling at THWS.

Information about parallel studies is available as PDF download.