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Deadlines for taking exams in the winter semester 2022/23

Please see the table below to understand how the deviation statutes since the summer semester 2020 affect the deadlines for taking (re-sits of) exams. It shows when you must or can take the first or the next exam attempt.

Note also, that the granted extension of deadlines does not affect grade improvements. Exam re-takes for the improvement of grades must as a rule take place 6 months after the first attempt at an exam or the claim to it becomes void.

Overview of examination deadlines (updated 17 November 2022)

Wi Se
Su Se
Wi Se
Su Se
Wi Se
Su Se
Wi Se
Su Se
Wi Se
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Wi Se
Su Se
Case 1: 1 2



Case 2: 1 2


Case 3: 1 2



Case 4: 1 2


Case 5: 1



2 3
Case 6: 1


2 3
Case 7:



1 2 3
Case 8: 1


2 3
Case 9: 1 2 3
Case 10:


1 2 3
Case 11: 1 2 3

 (x) = failed exams that are not taken into account due to a deviation statute

Case 1: First attempt in the winter semester 2018/19

A student fails an exam (1st attempt) for the first time in the winter semester 2018/19. The student also fails the re-sit (2nd attempt) taken regularly within the stipulated period of six months in the summer semester 2019. The deadline for the 2nd re-sit (3rd attempt) would have been in the summer semester 2020. Despite the general extension of deadlines granted ex officio, the student takes the exam in the summer semester 2020 and fails again.

As exams failed in the summer 2020 are not counted as failed attempt for the number of attempts possible in accordance with Article 1 Section 5 of the deviation statutes for the summer 2020 and, additionally, the exam deadlines have been extended ex officio for the winter 2020/21 summer semester 2021 again, the student may take this exam as second re-sit (repeated 3rd attempt) by summer 2022. 

Specialities due to the respective deviation statute:

  • An exam failed in the summer 2020 is not counted as failed attempt for the number of attempts possible.
  • Due to the general extension of deadlines ex officio for the winter 2020/21, summer 2021, and winter 2021/22, the student may take the exam as second re-sit (repeated 3rd attempt) by summer 2022.

Case 2-6, 8: Re-sits of exams

If students have to re-sit exams in winter 2021/22 (Case 2 to 4: 3rd attempt; Case 5, 6 and 8: 2nd attempt), the deviation statute for the winter 2021/22 offers, possibly repeatedly, a general extension of deadlines ex officio. Thus they may take the re-sit in the summer 2022 without any negative consequences.

If students in cases 5, 6 and 8 have taken the re-sits in the winter semester 2021/22 regardless of the general deadline extension and received an examination grade of 5 (“failed”), this attempt will be counted towards the re-sit quota and must take this examination as the 2nd repeat examination (attempt 3) by the winter semester 2022/23.

Case 7: First attempt in the summer semester 2020

If students take an exam for the first time in the summer semester 2020 voluntarily (i.e. without the need to keep any stipulated exam deadline) and fail, they still have three attempts left. But: The re-sit for this exam (counted as the 1st attempt) must be taken no later than in the summer 2022.

Speciality: If students take the exam (as 1st attempt) despite the above in the summer 2021 and fail, they can take this exam again (as 1st attempt) in the summer 2022 due to the Freischuss.

Case 9: First semester in winter 2020/21 - (Theoretical) deadline for first attempt in the summer 2021

If students have started their studies in the winter semester 2020/21 and without the pandemic-specific regulations, would have been bound by stipulated deadlines and thus would have had to take an exam for the first time in the summer semester 2021, they may take this exam in the winter 2022/23 for the first time (including possibly resulting deadlines for re-sits) without any negative consequences.

Case 10: Case 9 when actually taking the exam in summer 2021

If students falling under Case 9 actually take an exam already in the summer 2021 and fail, they still have three attempts left. They, however, must repeat this first attempt in the summer 2022 and, if they fail, must take the second attempt (1st re-sit) in the winter 2022/23.

Case 11: First semester in winter 21/22 - deadline for first attempt in the winter 22/23

A student who started in the winter semester 2021/22 and who, according to the study and examination regulations, has to meet a deadline for taking an examination for the first time in the second semester, does not have to take this examination until the winter semester 2022/23.
Special case: If the student already takes this examination in the summer semester 2022 (as attempt 1) and receives a grade of 5 (“failed”), he/she must already take this examination in the winter semester 2022/23 as the first re-sit examination (attempt 2).

Application & Enrolment

1 Do you accept certificates from other higher education institutions (grade certificates, mandatory consultations etc.)?

Yes, in general we do accept those certificates if they are recognised as being equal. Please upload them during the application process. We will contact you directly in case of questions.

2 I still don’t have my average grade. By when do I have to have it?

In principle, we need your average grade by the following dates: for bachelor’s programmes by 15 January or 27 July, for master’s programmes by 15 January or 15 August of the respective year of application. There may be different provisions for degree programmes with open admission. In this case, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

3 Do I have to do a pre-study internship? By when do I have to do it and what are the requirements?

Each degree programme has its own provisions concerning the pre-study internship and its content requirements. For more information, please check the overview of FHWS degree programme profiles.

4 I applied for the VPD. By when do I have to upload it?

Your VPD (preliminary review documentation) has to be made available by 15 January or 27 July of the respective year of application. There may be exceptions for degree programmes with open admission. In this case, please contact us directly at helpdesk.hsst[at]fhws.de.

5 Can I apply for several degree programmes?

Yes, you can apply for multiple degree programmes at a time. If you are admitted to more than one, you can choose freely. Enrolment, however, is possible for only one degree programme. Please note: In case of degree programmes with restricted admission at hochschulstart.de, the number of applications is limited to twelve.

6 How can I upload more than 8 documents?

If you want to upload many documents, please put together multiple documents to one meaningful PDF file and choose an explicit name for it.

7 The section on previous studies is supposedly missing information and has been refused. What can I do?

Please take care to enter all periods of previous study not only at German higher education institutions, but also higher education institutions abroad. Make sure to also enter existing study periods at FHWS. After that, submit your application again.

8 Will the enrolment procedure require my personal attendance?

When you have been admitted, the procedure for accepting the place as well as enrolling and providing all required information/documents takes place digitally via our online application portal APPLY.

The exact procedure is available from our page Information for 1st year students.

9 My status in APPLY doesn’t change. Is there an error?

We get numerous applications during the application period and all of them have to be reviewed. This may lead to extended processing times during the application period. If your status doesn’t change for more than two weeks, please contact us by e-mail to helpdesk.hsst[at]fhws.de and tell us the programme you applied for as well as your applicant number.

10 When will I receive the letter of admission?

After you submitted all necessary documents, you will receive the letter of admission in the application portal, in the case of programmes with restricted admission you will receive it via hochschulstart.de. When you accepted the offered study place, the letter of admission will be made available as a PDF file in the online application portal APPLY. There will be no postal delivery.

11 I can’t find the degree programme I studied previously in the list of programmes in the CV section of the online application portal.

If you can’t find the exact degree programme you studied previously, please select the one that is closely related to it. With the help of your transcript of records, we should be able to identify the exact degree programme.

12 Should I apply even though I do not yet have my school leaving certificate/diploma?

Absolutely! Please apply even if you do not yet have your school leaving certificate/diploma, otherwise the application deadline may expire. You can submit your certificate/diploma at a later date (by uploading it to the application portal).

13 How do I apply for admission as guest student?

Please submit a completely signed registration form for guest students (available in German only).
Please be sure to consult the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) first, as there are special conditions for guest students (e.g. no participation in exams etc.).

14 Do I need to provide language certificates for my degree programme and if so, which ones?

For detailed information, please check the provided information about language requirements.

15 I'd like to study two degree programmes at the same time, is this possible?

In principle, studying more than one programme is only possible for exceptional cases. In addition, the responsible faculty (or faculties) have to approve each individual case. For more information, please check the provided information about parallel studies (available only in German).

16 Does FHWS offer a semester ticket for public transport?

Yes, we do. For detailed information about the semester ticket for public transport, please check the web page on the FHWS Card.

17 When will I receive my personal login data for the FHWS IT systems so I know the enrolment process was successfully completed?

Even if you have arranged for the semester fee to be transferred well in advance, the incoming payment is only checked shortly before the semester begins. This is why you will receive your personal login data not before this checking process is completed. You will find the login data in your account of the online application portal APPLY.

Therefore, please be patient until September (start in a winter semester) or March (start in a summer semester) and refrain from enquiring about the receipt of payment before that time.

18 When will I know if my application for a Bachelor's programme with a numerus clausus (NC) is successful?

Hochschulstart determines admission offers in a highly dynamic process in which prioritisation by applicants plays a major role. Since the chance for admission depends to a large extent on the acceptance behaviour of the other applicants, FHWS cannot make a statement on this and applicants must be patient.

Even if you receive a letter of rejection at the end of the coordination phase because your ranking is too low, there is still the possibility of receiving an admission offer via an FHWS-internal move-up procedure from mid-September to mid-October at the latest, if there are still places available.

Exams & Course of Study

1 I am ill during the examination period, what can I do?

If you have to meet a deadline for taking an exam, please submit the form Application for the Extension of Deadlines as well as a medical certificate immediately (within 1 or 2 days) to the Department of Student Affairs (HSST). Make sure that the medical certificates meets the requirements; see the application form for more information.

2 There is a grade missing or another error in my transcript of records, what can I do?

In case of errors in your transcript of records, please contact the Department of Student Affairs (HSST).

3 My personal data (address, name, etc.) has changed, where can I correct them?

You can change your contact information yourself anytime in the FHWS CampusPortal. If your name has changed, please contact the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) providing relevant proof.

4 I changed health insurance companies, where do I have to report this?

If you change your health insurance company, please contact your new health insurance company and ask them to send us a new insurance certificate.

5 I forgot to register for exams or haven’t fully completed the registration for exams.

Please contact the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) in due time. Your examination committee will decide upon late registrations.

6 When are my exam results published?

The publication date of exam results is specified in the academic calendar issued by the examination board. Delays for singular exams may happen as an exception.

7 I have to take the third attempt of an exam, what can I do in case of de-registration?

 If you face de-registration, please make sure to apply for another degree programme already before the exam (if you want to continue studying at FHWS). It is important that you have a plan B, as it is not possible to apply after the exam results have been published.

8 When do I have to take which exam and are there any deadlines?

You can find all examination deadlines in your study and examination regulations (SPO). If there is more than one version, only that version applies that has been valid at the time of at the start of your studies.
If you have further questions or need additional information, please contact the Department of Student Affairs (HSST). Please also note the regulation laid down in the deviation statute currently valid.

9 I want to enter the practical semester / internship semester, what do I have to do?

Please check your study and examination regulations (SPO) to find out about the requirements. We only need a copy of your internship contract before the internship begins.

10 How can I apply for a semester of leave?

Please fill out and submit the application for leave of absence (for family or other reasons) to the Department of Student Affairs (HSST).

11 I want to improve my grade in a course I already passed, how can I apply for this?

You have to apply for grade improvement by completing the application form for grade improvement.

Please note that the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) will perform the exam registration in the FHWS CampusPortal for you once your application for grade improvement was accepted by HSST.

Please note: As a rule, the claim for grade improvement expires 6 months after the first attempt at the examination, i.e. the application must be submitted in the following examination period. An extension of the deadline is excluded in this context.

12 I had an accident at FHWS or on the way to/from it, what can I do?

If you had an accident (at FHWS, at an FHWS event, or on the way to FHWS or home), please complete the accident report for students (available only in German) and submit it to the Department of Student Affairs (HSST). In case of an accident on the way to/from FHWS, please also submit the questionnaire for commuting accidents (available only in German).

13 Where do I get the proof of my achievements (Leistungsbescheinigung) for the BAföG office?

The BAföG office will provide all necessary forms and informs about the required periods to be proven. We are happy to assist you in filling out the forms and giving the required information. The form is also available as download in our form centre.

14 How can I give someone a proxy authorisation (to pick up documents or obtain information)?

By providing an informal written authorization, you can send your proxy to pick up documents for you.

15 I am pregnant, does anyone have to know?

Information as well as the form to notify us of your pregnancy and explanations in English on how to complete it, are available in our form centre.

16 How can I register my bachelor’s thesis?

In order to register your bachelor’s thesis, you will first need a professor supervising your thesis. Together with this supervisor, you can complete the form to register your thesis which is provided by your faculty. It has to be signed by your supervisor as well as yourself. The requirements have to be met in accordance with your study and examination regulations (SPO). The registration form has to be submitted generally before you start work on your thesis (about 2 weeks before).

17 Where do I find information about courses and contact hours of my lecturers?

Comprehensive information about all courses as well as contact information of your lecturers is available on the pages of your faculty. The Department of Student Affairs (HSST) does not have any information about that.

18 When will I receive the enrolment certificate for the upcoming semester?

You can download the enrolment certificate from the FHWS CampusPortal.

At the commencement of studies and after successful enrolment, we will provide the enrolment certificate for the first semester in the CampusPortal no later than 14 days before the start of the upcoming semester.

In the course of your studies, we will provide the enrolment certificate after successful re-enrolment for the upcoming semester after debit of the semester fee.

Graduation, De-registration & Fees

1 I will graduate this semester, do I have to re-enrol?

If you can foresee that you finish your studies at the end of the semester, please do not re-enrol. In case of unforeseen delay, you can re-enrol by bank transfer immediately at the start of the next semester.

2 After the end of my studies, how long do I stay enrolled?

You will stay enrolled until the end of the semester, even if you graduated already at the start of the semester.
However, you may submit a special request form to be de-registered earlier. Usually, it is no problem to stay enrolled until the end of the semester, even if you are already employed.

3 By when does the last grade have to be published so I can finish my studies by the end of the semester?

You have successfully completed your studies when the degree grade is published in the online FHWS CampusPortal with legal effect. Please take into account that until the publication of your degree grade, there will also be time needed for assessing your thesis, determining the grade of your thesis by the examination committee and calculating your degree grade.
Generally speaking, your degree grade should be available at the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) about three weeks before the end of the semester to enable graduation by the end of the semester. In case your bachelor’s thesis is the last piece of coursework you have to deliver for your graduation, please discuss this with your supervising professor.

4 When and how will I get my degree certificate?

When your degree grade is published in the FHWS CampusPortal, we start finalising your degree certificate and related documents. As it takes some time to create the documents and especially to get them signed, we must ask you to bear with us. 

Upon completion of the documents we will contact you again. You can then collect the documents in person at HSST during office hours, or have a person authorised by procura collect them).

5 How is the degree grade calculated?

Your degree grade is calculated in accordance with the appendix to your study and examination regulations taking into account the specified weighting factors.

6 I applied for master’s studies at another higher education institution, where can I get a certificate of my preliminary degree grade?

In this case, please contact your HSST contact person.

7 How can I get a confirmation of my studies for the German pension insurance fund (Rentenversicherung)?

Please complete the form provided by the German Rentenversicherung including your degree programme and submit it to the Department of Student Affairs (HSST).

8 How can I de-register from FHWS?

The de-registration form is available in our form centre. Please note that de-registering retroactively is not possible.

9 Where can I get an overview of my payments to the Studentenwerk?

An overview of your payments to the Studentenwerk is available on request from the Department of Student Affairs (HSST).

10 When do I get a refund of my payments to the Studentenwerk?

If a refund of already paid semester fees can be made in accordance with the statutes of the Studentenwerk, this will officially be initiated by us. A special application for this is not required.

11 What can I do after de-registration?

You can contact the Academic Advisory Service. They will advise you and inform you about your opportunities after finishing your studies.