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Support and contacts on the topic of doctorates

University-wide contacts

General requests and contact for those interested in a doctorate

Advice for prospective doctoral candidates & contact for doctoral candidates

Students interested in a doctorate. and research associates at THWS are cordially invited to sign up for the e-learning course “Offers for people interested in a doctorate and graduating students”. The course provides detailed information on cooperative doctorates.

External prospective doctoral candidates please contact Dr. Simone Stork (contact details above) for an initial conversation. Afterwards, we will happily provide you with the contents of our e-learning course for download.

Subject-specific contacts

For those interested in a doctorate in applied social sciences

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Unz

PhD Coordinator and Dean of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences

+49 931 3511-8521

For those interested in a doctorate in electrical engineering

Prof. Dr. Markus Zink

Contact person within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Head of the Institute for Power Engineering and High Voltage Technology (in the Competence Centre Mainfranken)

+49 9721 940-8498

Service offers for graduating doctoral students

Events and information about support offers

Doctoral students who are also employees will find the following in the new e-Learning course:

  • Our events for graduating students
  • An overview of scholarships and awards for graduating students
  • A contact for advice and registration for the doctorate consultation hours

External doctoral candidates are welcome to request the offers via e-mail to [simone.stork[at]thws.de].

Making use of research results and founding spin-off businesses

The Campus for Applied Research offers individual advice for employees who are doctoral candidates regarding inventions, patenting and the protection of intellectual property and supports its exploitation. External doctoral candidates are also welcome to an initial consultation.

Doctoral students interested in founding a company can contact the Gründungsservice Mainfranken for initial counselling, advice on start-up-specific funding and to establish contacts with coaches, mentors, successful spin-offs and partners.

Support in research

As doctoral candidates, you are often very closely connected to the research conducted within your workgroup. Here, the Campus for Applied Research supports doctoral candidates and their supervising professors through:

  • Support for the search and procurement of suitable partners for research contracts and co-operations
  • Information on current funding announcements and calls for proposals
  • Research into funding opportunities for projects with THWS participation
  • Advice regarding funding guidelines for members of THWS and project partners
  • Support for the application process

After a doctorate: Working as a professor at a university of applied sciences

Fancy a career at the university? Inform yourself about being a UAS professor, e.g. on the campaign website of “Become a professor” (available in German), offering field reports and current job vacancies at higher education institutions in Bavaria. With the campaign “Professorships for women”, the State Conference of Women's and Equal Opportunities Officers at Bavarian universities (LaKoF Bayern) aims to increase the percentage of women in teaching at universities of applied sciences in Bavaria. On their website women, but also men, can find helpful information on the job profile of a UAS professor and application tips.

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Career paths after studying

Career Service for students

The THWS Career Service is the central interface between students and the professional world. The service accompanies students in launching their careers through customised events, individual counselling and targeted information on starting a career. On the e-learning platform, the Career Service provides, among other things, tips for applications and dates of career fairs in the region.

International Career Service for students

The International Career Service is primarily oriented towards international students. The events are offered in English and are split into two thematic areas:

  • Studying Successfully
  • Transition into professional life

In addition, we offer plenty of information about the topics:

  • Application
  • Job interview
  • Links to online job portals

Support for founding a business

The Campus for Applied Research offers advice and support for (doctoral) students interested in starting their own business:

  • Initial advice for potential business founders
  • Facilitation of contacts to coaches, mentors, successful business founders and partners from the Gründungsservice Mainfranken
  • Advice and assistance in applying for the EXIST and FLÜGGE funding programmes
  • Lecture series “Gründen@THWS”

Offers by the women’s affairs officer

Women’s affairs officers at THWS ensure that female scientists, lecturers, and students are not disadvantaged. They support the University in performing its task of increasing the share of women in all aspects of science. They inform, provide counsel and offer informational events. Special offers for female STEM students:

  • BayernMentoring prepares for the professional life close to practice and supports your personal career planning and individual personality development.