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Admission of Qualified Professionals

General higher education entrance

Working professionals whose vocational training is recognised as being equal to the German Meisterprüfung, may enter higher education if they had a consultation meeting (see BayHIG Art. 88 Section 5).

Subject-specific higher education entrance

Subject-specific higher education entrance is possible if, after successful completion of a vocational training (training period at least two years) followed by professional experience of at least three years, the higher education institution ascertains the aptitude to study a related programme (see BayHIG Art. 88 Section 6).

At our university, aptitude for university studies is determined by successfully completing trial studies of at least one year (acc. Trial Studies Regulation of THWS, available in German only).

This subject-specific entrance to studies via vocational training and professional experience is also possible, if one year of trial studies or a higher education entrance examination to the desired degree programme has been passed at another German higher education institution.

Subject-specific entrance also requires having had a consultation meeting at the university.

Consultation meeting

To arrange the required consultation meeting, please contact the Academic Advisory Service of THWS or the programme advisors at the respective faculty.

Certificates acquired outside Bavaria or Germany

Your vocational training certificate can only be recognised as being equal to the German Meisterprüfung if it has been acquired in Germany in accordance to the continuing education regulations made by the responsible federal ministry. An addendum to the certificate referring to those legal bases should be included.
They can only be recognised as subject-specific university entrance qualification by Bavarian Technical University of Applied Sciences, if the competent local authority in Bavaria has been involved.

Please contact the chamber responsible for your educational qualification (e.g. Chamber of Industry and Commerce, IHK, or Chamber of Trade, Handwerkskammer, in Bavaria) and enclose a certificate of equivalence for an educational qualification equal to the Bavarian Meisterprüfung.

This also applies to the recognition of vocational qualifications acquired outside Germany.

Additional Information

Information about applications for qualified professionals is available as download from our form centre. Details about application deadlines, admission requirements, admission quota, procedure etc. are available on the information sheet containing all general information regarding applications.

The Campus for Professional Development offers part-time and full-time preperatory courses for prospective students with a vocational qualification background in the subjects Math, Physics and English on a regular basis.