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Accessibility at THWS


Accessibility and descriptions of THWS buildings



Technical Aids

  • In the premises of THWS, acoustic systems for the hearing impaired are available. Further information about equipment, usage and contacts is provided in the information brochure regarding the acoustic system for users with impaired hearing.
  • Information of the Deutsches Studentenwerk regarding technical aids and assistants*
  • Most operating systems of computers or mobile devices offer internal applications and features for ease of access. These applications/features support users with the input and output of content and information. They include: Voice output, voice control, heightened contrast of displays/screens, screen magnifier, on-screen keyboard, captions, flashing signals, and more. For more information on those internal applications, please visit the homepage of your operating systems.
  • In addition, there are programmes and external applications available that ensure the ease of use. Programmes are often especially designed for specific impairments: Screen readers for blind users, apps for voice output and communication about pictures, software for people with intellectual disabilities, and many more.
  • Add-on devices for computers or mobile devices can additionally contribute to the ease of use. Helpful devices can be: Braille displays (output device for blind persons), eye-tracking control, enhanced keyboard or computer mouse.

THWS Library

The THWS Library offers additional services for disabled or chronically ill users. For more information, please visit the pages of the THWS Library

Assistance for Lecturers and Employees of THWS on Implementation of Accessibility


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