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Applying for Bachelor´s Degree Programmes with Restricted Admission

Application deadline

Please follow the deadlines when applying for a bachelor´s degree programme with restricted admission:

  • For winter semesters: apply by 15 July, midnight
  • For summer semesters: apply by 15 January, midnight

These are cut-off periods!

Application process

Please read the information on the allocation procedure for bachelor´s degree programmes with restricted admission carefully. A PDF-version is available in the download area. When preparing your online application, please take care of the following points:

Application is generally only possible via our online application portal. In case of admission restricted bachelor´s programmes, you first have to register with Hochschulstart.

As soon as you completed the online process, you will receive an e-mail to the address given during the process with your login information (please also check your spam folder).

Keep your user name and password in a safe place; you will always need them if you want to log in to the online application portal. Please upload all necessary documents (and all pages of school leaving/degree certificates).

Your application will be processed with the information given online (i.e. without further inquiry). Due to this, we kindly ask you to check your application before submitting it; if there is information missing or wrong information given, admission can be withdrawn. Only applicants whose documents have been uploaded completely to the application portal can take part in the admission procedure.

Please note the information about procedures and deadlines given on the pages of for programmes with restricted admission. If you apply for a degree programme at our university, upload all documents exclusively to our application portal.

Please note:
Documents uploaded to are not automatically available during the application procedure at our university!!!

Information about processing status and letter of admission

At any time, the application portal provides information to the latest processing status of your application. In case of a change of status, you will be exclusively informed by e-mail.

The letter of admission will provide information about all other steps to be taken until the day of your enrolment. It also states the enrolment period, which must be adhered to. For more informations, please refer to the page "admission and enrolement".

Additional information

Admission becomes void if the deadlines are not adhered to. Your place will be given to the next applicant on the waiting list. Please also inform any authorised person about the importance of these deadlines! If a person authorised to act for the applicant misses deadlines, this will also lead to an exclusion of the applicant from the process.

References to other or earlier applications will not be taken into consideration.

Please note that for some degree programmes you must have completed subject-specific practical training before being enrolled. The internship/training must be relevant for the chosen field of study. The subject-specific practical training can be substituted by a six-week internship in a field relevant to the chosen degree programme (pre-study internship). This also applies if you change the specialisation after graduating from a specialized secondary school (if applicable, please ask the Department of Student Affairs for further information).