Student at machine (c) Stefan Bausewein


You will receive your THWS Card after the enrolment process is complete. However, it is not immediately validated! Only upon validating the card at the validation machine will it get a validation stamp.

PLEASE NOTE: Only after validation will your THWS Card work as a Semesterticket (ticket for public transport)!

No, not yet!
First, you must validate the card at a so-called validation machine. The machine will imprint a validity date and the word "Semesterticket".

Only through validation does the THWS Card become valid optically and electronically. And only then will you be charged the student prices in the canteen. Also for using the "Semesterticket", validation is mandatory.

The initial THWS Card is issued free of charge. If the card is lost and must therefore be replaced, an amount in accordance with the valid fees regulations must be paid (currently 20.00 Euro).

The THWS Card contains the following student data:

In print:

  • Photo
  • Surname, first name
  • Matriculation no.
  • THWS library user no. (barcode)
  • THWS library user no. (plain text)
  • Chip card no.
  • Validity date (variable)
  • Semesterticket (variable)


  • Chip card serial no.
  • Purse of the Studierendenwerk Würzburg
  • Personal reference no. for the purse function (student, employee, guest)
  • Validity date
  • Library user no.
  • Access authorisation

Each card has an individual card series number, that is stored during all processes in the so-called cashier transactions in the system. The only other stored information are a personal reference number (student, employee, guest) and a higher education institution identifier (Studierendenwerk, University, University for Music, Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt).

The Studierendenwerk cannot access personal data (like name, address, matriculation number). They do not need this information. The validity date serves to control the access authorisation to the institutions at any time.

If the validity stored on your card is not up to date, it can no longer be used for cashless payment in the canteens. Cash top-ups are no longer possible either. The validity date is generally imprinted on the card. The date stored on the chip card may deviate from the imprinted date. If there is no imprint on your card, the card was never updated at the validation machines.

In case the validation of the card is not renewed, the card can no longer be used as a valid ticket for public transport. As a consequence, you will be charged a penalty fare.

At the Würzburg location, please contact the Card Services Office at Münzstr. 12, Room M.-01.03.

At the Schweinfurt location, please contact the THWS library at Campus Ignaz Schön, Room 7.E.17, or via e-mail to bib-sw[at]

Did you find a THWS Card? Please submit it with the service centres, or, for locations without service centres, with the Facilities Management.

The card expires with de-registration from the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. After this date, the card will no longer be valid and can thus no longer be used as a student card, purse, library card, or Semesterticket.

Please contact the competent office at your THWS location.

For Würzburg: Card Services Office, Münzstraße 12, Room M.-1.03

For Schweinfurt: ITSC, Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11, Room 7.1.07

No, for students enrolled in a Würzburg-based degree programme, the Semesterticket is only valid for the tariff zone of the VerkehrsVerbund Mainfranken (VVM). Onward journeys are permitted.

No, for students enrolled in a Schweinfurt-based degree programme, the Semesterticket is only valid for the bus network of the Stadtwerke Schweinfurt GmbH.

From mid-September, THWS Cards can be validated for the upcoming semester. (Mandatory requirement for subsequent semesters: successful re-enrolment).

From mid-September, you can validate your THWS Card for the valid semester (only with successful re-enrolment).
The imprint will then be deleted and overwritten.