FHWS building at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg Würzburg

Students in park (c) Jonas Kron

Student at machine (c) Stefan Bausewein

Students working in a group (c) Jonas Kron

Advantages of Being a Sponsor

  • You can sponsor high-performing and committed students at a University of Applied Sciences that offers practice-oriented studies in a wide range of subjects.
  • You can forge excellent links with the University and with outstanding students.
  • If you like, your name will be mentioned in the scholarship and you will be included in the list of sponsors published on the website of THWS.
  • Your financial contribution will be tax-deductible.
  • You will be a VIP at events organised by THWS.
  • You have the option to offer events exclusively for sponsored students (guided tours of your company premises, fireside chats, talks etc.).