Niko Wörtmann
Image: Stefan Bausewein

50 Years 50 Faces

Niko Wörtmann

Technical employee in Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems

At FHWS since 2002

For me, FHWS is ...
an engaging job at the forefront of progress constantly with new and interesting challenges.

What do you appreciate about FHWS?

I particularly appreciate the interaction with the young people, working in a great team and the daily informal coffee break with colleagues. In my area of specialisation, I particularly appreciate working with the latest media technologies.

What was the best decision in your professional career and why? What has changed since then?

After my apprenticeship in the trades and subsequent training as a technician, I switched to industry. The best decision in my professional career was switching to FHWS in 2002. It is fun to pass on my professional experience to young people. Another crucial reason was the work-life balance, which allows me to reconcile my work with my family and hobbies (sports, travelling, performing with the band).

What do you think has shaped FHWS the most over the last 50 years?

Over the course of time, I am talking here about the last 20 years that I have actively supported so far, FHWS has been shaped by digitalisation, internationalisation with the cooperation of partner universities, as well as new degree programmes and the associated increase in student numbers and the number of new buildings at both locations. The new degree programmes already mentioned and the installation of new organisational units also entail an increase in personnel. As a person who enjoys communication, the many new names and faces are definitely a bit of a challenge.

What is your vision of the future for FHWS? What might FHWS look like in 50 years’ time?

The topics of digitalisation, climate change and internationalisation will play an even greater role in the higher education institution’s development in future. As a result, new degree programmes will be created and the number of staff and students will continue to rise. As the pandemic has shown us, there will be other forms of teaching other than the up-front lecture in future (e.g. online or hybrid courses and seminars). However, there is a risk that personal contact with the students will suffer as a result. The challenge is to find the balance here. I would like to see the higher education institution’s practical focus maintained through cooperation with companies in the private sector. That is exactly what characterises FHWS!

What is your insider tip for the cities of Würzburg or Schweinfurt and why?

As I am very fond of music and also play guitar in a band myself, I would like to recommend the legendary “Omnibus” music cellar in Würzburg. The venue offers a great live programme. And if you are musically active yourself, you can visit the monthly musicians’ regular event or jam in various sessions.