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Programme-related information and advice

Programme-related information and advice is available for students over the entire duration of their studies. It includes information on courses offered and on study techniques for the individual programmes. It helps students when deciding which courses to take, monitoring academic performance, with questions regarding a change of subject or university, job-oriented studies. Students also receive support regarding exam preparation, degrees, and options for (post)graduate studies as well as possibilities of credit transfer.

Programme advisors by degree programmes (as of Oct 2023)

Degree programme Programme advisor E-mail
Applied Mathematics (B.Sc.) Prof. Dr.
Michael Bodewig
Applied Mathematics and
Physics (M.Sc.)
Prof. Dr.
Michael Bodewig
Architecture (B.Eng.) Prof.
Karl Zankl
Artificial Intelligence (M.Sc.) Prof. Dr.
Frank-Michael Schleif
Civil Engineering (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Gerald Steinmann
Civil Engineering - Digital Design and Construction (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Gerald Steinmann
Business Administration (B.A.) Prof. Dr.
Christian Kille
Business Analytics (B.Sc.) Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Andreas Rükgauer
Business and Engineering (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Elke Stadelmann
Business and Engineering (M.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Peik Bremer
Design and Information (M.A.) Prof.
Erich Schöls
Digital Business Systems (M.Sc.) Prof. Dr.
Karsten Huffstadt
Digital Society (B.Sc.) Prof. Dr.
Nicholas Müller
Digital Rescue Management (B.Sc.) Prof. Dr.
Peter Bradl

Prof. Dr.
Christian Bauer
E-Commerce (B.Sc.) Prof. Dr.
Rolf Schillinger
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Markus Mathes

Prof. Dr.
Joachim Kempkes
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (M.Eng.) Prof. Dr. Markus H. Zink
Trade Journalism and Corporate Communications (Technology/Economics) (M.A.) Prof. Dr.
Lutz Frühbrodt
Specialised Translation (Economics or Technology) (B.A.) Akad. Direktorin
Beate Wassermann
Specialised Translation with Media Translation (M.A.) Akad. Direktorin
Beate Wassermann
Geo Data Technology (M.Eng.) Prof. Dr. sc. nat.
Jan Wilkening
Geovisualisation (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr. sc. nat.
Jan Wilkening
Health Management (MBA) Prof. Dr.
Dieter Kulke
Computer Science (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Arndt Balzer
Information Security (B. Sc.) Prof. Dr.
Kristin Weber
Integrated Innovation Management (M.A.) Prof. Dr.
Gerhard Hube
International Business (MBA) Prof. Dr.
Christina Zecher
Prof. Dr.
Artur Fabisch
International Management (B.A.) Prof. Dr.
Rainer Wehner
International Social Work with Refugees and Migrants (M.A.) Prof. Dr.
Ralf Roßkopf
Integrated Design and Construction (M.Eng.) Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Daniel Halswick
Communication Design (B.A.) Prof.
Christoph Barth
Plastics and Rubber Engineering (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Marcus Schuck
Logistics (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Norbert Schmidt
Healthcare Management (B.A.) Prof. Dr.
Lukas Slotala
Management of Business Transformation (MBA) Prof. Dr.
Uwe Sponholz
Managing Global Dynamics (M.A.) Prof. Dr.
Rainer Wehner

Markus Engert M.Sc.
Brand and Media Management (M.A.) Prof. Dr.
Karsten Kilian
Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Udo Müller
Mechatronis (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Abid Ali
Media Management (B.A.) Prof. Dr.
Steffen Hillebrecht
Music Therapy for Empowerment and Inclusion (M.A.) Prof. Dr.
Thomas Wosch
Sustainable Energy Systems (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Markus H. Zink
Product Development and Systems Design (M.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Udo Müller
Robotics (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Jean Meyer
Social Work (B.A.) Prof. Dr.
Rebecca Löbmann

Prof. Dr.
Theresia Wintergerst
Social Work (M.A.) Prof. Dr.
Ulrich Gartzke
Behavioral Counseling (M.A.) Prof. Dr.
Franz J. Schermer
Surveying and Geoinformatics (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Ansgar Brunn

Prof. Dr.
Melanie Brandmeier
Hydrogen Technology Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Udo Müller
Business and Engineering (B.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Ulrich Deutschle
Business and Engineering (M.Eng.) Prof. Dr.
Kurt Schwindl-Braun
Business Information Systems (B.Sc.) Prof. Dr.
Eva Wedlich