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Prospective Students

How and where can I receive information?

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Application and Admission

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Your contact for matters of application and admission is the Department of Student Affairs (HSST).

Studying at THWS

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What can I study at THWS? Browse through information, insights and videos, especially on bachelor's programmes.

Academic Advisory Service

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The Team of our International Office takes care of questions from international prospective students on studying at THWS. More detailed information and available contacts are available form their website.

International students

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The International Office is the right contact for students from abroad who wish to study at THWS for an exchange semester or who wish to complete a full study programme.

Meet a Student

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The Meet a Student project offers you the opportunity to ask our student ambassadors study-related questions and gain first-hand information.

Financing and consultancy

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In addition to social and psychotherapeutic counselling, the Studentenwerk (Student Services) also offers information on how to finance your studies (e. g. via BAFöG, a form of student loan). If eligible, you may also receive financial support from scholarships.

Student life

Students in Schweinfurt

How’s life in the study locations Würzburg and Schweinfurt? Is there anything good to know, helpful or are there interesting facts about student life?


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Visit our FAQ for prospective students to receive answers to frequently asked questions.

Information for specific target groups

Studies for refugees

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Refugees who are interested in studying at THWS receive counsel and support via the Integra and Welcome programmes, which offer language courses, tutorials, and workshops.

Studying with disabilities

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THWS offers counsel for students and prospective students with disabilities or chronic diseases, so they can finish their studies with success! The counsellor will always consider the student’s individual situation.