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Regional services

For international students

  • Contact persons for general or study-specific questions: Contact persons who can help you with information about the life at THWS and in Germany can be found on the homepage of the International Office.
  • International Student Club (ISC): During your studies, the THWS International Office offers various cultural and leisure activities. The events for the current semester are published shortly after the beginning of each semester on the homepage of the International Office.
  • Language Café (Sprachcafé): Once a week, international and German students meet to exchange ideas, play language games and improve their foreign language skills. For more information, please visit the homepage of the Language Café.
  • German language courses: The Campus for Language Proficiency offers German language courses at different language levels and special courses "German for professional purposes". For more information, please visit the homepage of the Campus for Language Proficiency.
  • English language courses: The Campus for Language Proficiency also offers English language courses at different language levels. For more information, please visit the homepage of the Campus for Language Proficiency.
  • Welcome Team: The Welcome Team of THWS supports refugees who are willing and capable of higher education studies during their preparation for and transition into studies. For more information, please visit the THWS homepage, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Free German language courses for refugees: Within the project "Integra - Integrating refugees into studies", the THWS Campus for Language Proficiency offers free language courses for refugees. For more information, visit the homepage of the Campus for Language Proficiency.
  • IBF Schweinfurt: The "Intercultural Meeting Centre for Women e.V." (IBF) offers a wide range of activities with the aim of promoting dialogue between people from different cultural backgrounds. Further priority areas of IBF's work are general counselling, German language courses, counselling regarding the recognition of professional education, health and educational projects (MiMi and BiLo) as well as cultural events. The offers are not only aimed at women, but can be used by all students. More information can be found on the homepage of IBF Schweinfurt
  • Psychological peer-to-peer counselling: The "Catholic Student Community Würzburg" (KHG) offers free and anonymous counseling by students for students, also in English (regardless of religious affiliation). More information can be found on the homepage of the KHG's counselling team.
  • Counselling and financial aid for international students: Both the "Catholic Student Community Würzburg" (KHG) as well as the "Protestant Student Community Würzburg" (ESG) offer international students the opportunity to receive advice and support in their special life situation. In individual cases, they can help to overcome difficult situations with financial support. The "Association for the support of foreign students in Würzburg" can also provide financial support.

Helpful links

Mental Health

Crisis Services:


Social Psychiatric Services (SpDi) and Other Counseling Services:


Information about depression: Deutschen Depressionshilfe


Domestic and sexual violence, abuse:


Addiction Counselling and Self-help

Addiction Self-help Groups (see also section "Self-help groups"):




Self-help groups:


General consulting services (free of charge and non-binding):


Help in finding psychotherapists:

… or psychotherapy at the Psychotherapeutic ambulances:




Psychiatric Clinics:

Other topics (pregnancy, debts, etc.)

Pregnancy and family counseling:


Debt and insolvency counseling:

Physical exercise

Health and exercise programs offered by the adult education center (vhs):

Healthy Diet

Stress management and prevention

Yoga-, Taiji and Quigong courses as well as relaxation trainings offered by the Adult Education Centers (vhs):